Sat. Nov. 17, 2018 – 5:30 pm – Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive

Professor Christina Gerhardt, Associate Professor of German and Film and a visiting scholar at the UC Berkeley Institute of European Studies, discusses her new book 1968 and Global Cinema, coedited with Sara Saljoughi. It forms the basis for the film series 1968 and Global Cinema that she guested-curated at the Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive. She also introduces Soleil Ô / Oh Sun (Med Hondo, Mauritania 1970).

Soleil Ô, which takes its title from a West Indies song about the pain of Africans enslaved in the Caribbean, depicts powerfully immigrant experience, focused on a laborer who moves to Paris from West Africa in hopes of a better life. Instead he encounters a new iteration of slavery, postcolonial style—unemployment, institutional indifference, police hostility, and entrenched racism. Med Hondo relates, “All the scenes were based on reality. Because racism isn’t invented, especially in film. It’s like a kind of cloak put on you, that you’re forced to live with.”

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