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Masa Yamada playing the sanshin
Professor Masa Yamada of NINJAL playing the sanshin, a traditional Ryukyuan instrument

Department hosts 5th NINJAL-UHM Linguistics Workshop

The 5th NINJAL-UHM Linguistics Workshop was held here on the Mānoa campus (St. John 11) between April 27 and 28, 2024.

This is the 5th workshop that the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL) and UHM co-organized, and it is a continuation of a long-standing relationship between the two institutions started back in 2017.

This year’s workshop included two special sessions, Special Session 1: Rethinking and reimagining roles of linguists in communities; and Special Session 2: Microvariation within linguistic families, and two general sessions, featuring four invited presentations by Professors Masahiro Yamada (NINJAL), Kohei Nakazawa (Shinshu University), Yuto Niinaga (Hirosaki University), Michinori Shomoji (Kyushu University) and Ishida Masato (Center for Okinawan Studies, UHM), as well as 11 presentations by graduate students and faculty members from UHM and other institutions.

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