Andy Rominger

Research interests

My work has three inter-connected themes:

1) using large datasets and quantitative methods to understand processes that generate and maintain biodiversity

2) implementing CARE principles for Indigenous data sovereignty (CARE = Collective benefit, Authority to control, Respect, Ethics)

3) developing decolonial and anti-racist collaborations and pedagogies. 

The pursuit of these themes is a work in progress! I first started studying biodiversity using quantitative tools while working on arthropod assemblages in high-elevation montane forests across the Hawaiian Islands. I have since begun collaborations with Indigenous-led organizations including Local Contexts and the Collaboratory for Indigenous Data Governance that seek to advance Indigenous rights to sovereignty over data collected from local communities. These collaborations have naturally inspired me and my lab to focus on current and future research on co-produced science conducted with local communities.  We are also seeking and developing methods to increase access to and inclusion in the process of doing western science. This work takes the form of pedagogical practice and research on de-colonial and anti-racist curricula in the field of quantitative biology.