Kasey Barton

evolutionary ecology

Mark Burgman (Director)

Ecology and Conservation Biology

Marguerite Butler

Animal form and function

Rebecca Chong

evolution, genomics, and symbiosis

Kathleen Cole

ichthyology, behavioral ecology, reproductive biology, morphology and morphogenesis, microgravity biology

Curtis C. Daehler (Associate Director of Instruction, Botany Graduate Chair)

population biology, invasive plants, plant-herbivore interactions

Stuart Donachie

marine microbiology, coral microbiology, microbial diversity, and taxonomy

Donald Drake

ecology and conservation 

David Duffy

conservation, restoration ecology

Mark Hixon

marine ecology and conservation biology

Tung T. Hoang

bacterial molecular pathogenesis

Cynthia Hunter

conservation biology, coral reef ecology, biology and ecology of marine invertebrates 

Stephanie Kraft-Terry

academic advising and assessment

Peter Marko

biogeography, evolution and conservation

Mark Merlin

biogeography, ethnobotany, natural history of the Pacific

Amy Moran (Associate Director of Curriculum)

marine ecology and evolution 

Clifford Morden

plant molecular systematics and evolution 

Michael Norris


Megan Porter (Associate Director of Research)

evolution and ecology of vision, crustacean phylogenetic

Sladjana Prisic (Microbiology Graduate Chair)

molecular pathogenesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, alternative ribosomal proteins, protein phosphorylation 

Floyd Reed

population genetics 


Andy Rominger

Quantitative Biology

Howard Shen

immunology, cancer biology, drug design

Alison Sherwood (Associate Dean, CNS)

systematics, evolution and biogeography of algae 

Celia M. Smith

physiological ecology of marine macrophytes, marine ecology, cell biology

Robert Thomson (Ecology, Evolution, & Conservation Biology Graduate Chair)

evolutionary biology and phylogenetics 

Tamara Ticktin

ethnoecology, conservation

Timothy C. Tricas

marine animal behavior 

Justin Walguarnery

ecology and animal behavior

Les Watling

impacts of humans on benthic environments; crustacean biology

George Wong

mating systems and biosystematics of basidiomycetes

Amber Wright (Zoology Graduate Chair)

population ecology, community ecology, behavioral ecology

Masato Yoshizawa

evolutionary developmental biology, neuroscience, quantitative genomics