Botany Graduate Faculty

Kasey Barton – plant evolutionary ecology

Mark Burgman – conservation biology, decision science

Curtis Daehler – plant population biology, invasive plants, plant-animal interactions

Donald Drake – plant ecology and conservation

David Duffy – conservation, restoration ecology

Mark Merlin – biogeography, ethnobotany, natural history of the Pacific

Cliff Morden – plant molecular systematics and evolution 

Alison Sherwood – systematics, evolution and biogeography of algae

Celia Smith – physiological ecology of marine macrophytes, marine ecology, cell biology

Tamara Ticktin – ethnoecology, conservation

George Wong – mating systems and biosystematics of basidiomycetes

Cooperating Graduate Faculty

Anthony Amend – microbiomes, fungi

David Christopher – plant stress tolerance

Nicole Hynson -fungal ecology, mycorrhizae

Shaya Honarvar – ecology and conservation biology

Jonathan Price – ecology and conservation biology

Rakan Zahawi – tropical restoration ecology

Rebecca Ostertag – tropical forest ecology