Guidelines for Establishing a Community

The policies on this page may be outdated. Please see our updated Digital Repository Policies

Steps to Set Up a Community

  1. Become familiar with the repository policies.
  2. Decide on the basic structure of your Community.
  3. Compile the required information (see below).
  4. Contact an Administrator at

Information Needed to Start a Community

    • Name of Community Liason
    • Community Page:
      • Name of community
      • Description (optional)
      • Logo (optional)
    • Sub-community pages (optional):
      • Names of sub-communities
      • Logo(s) for sub-communities (optional)
      • Descriptions of sub-communities (optional)
    • Collection pages:
      • Name(s) of collections within each community or sub-community
      • Logo(s) for collection(s) (optional)
      • Descriptions of collections(s) (optional)
      • Brief descriptions (one line) of collections to appear on community or sub-community page (optional)
  • For each collection:
    • Names and email addresses of submitters
    • Names and email addresses of people in workflow roles (optional):
      • Reviewer (can accept or reject items)
      • Metadata Editor (can only change metadata before it is in the repository)
      • Coordinator (can accept, reject, or change metadata before item is in the repository)
      • Collection Administrator (can change metadata after item is in the repository)

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