Russkaia Pechat’ V Aziatsko-Tikhookeanskom Regione

Russkaia Pechat’ V Aziatsko-Tikhookeanskom Regione: Katalog sobraniia Biblioteki imeni Gamil’tona Gavaiskogo universiteta

Catalog spines

Patricia Polansky, Russkaia pechat’ v Aziatsko-tikhookeanskom regione: katalog sobraniia Biblioteki imeni Gamil’tona Gavaiskogo universiteta = Russian publications in the Asia-Pacific region: catalogue of the Hamilton Library collection, University of Hawaii. Edited by Amir Khisamutdinov. Moskva: Pashkov Dom, 2015-2016. 4 parts, illus.

The four parts of the catalog are as follows:

  • Pt. 1: China: monographs
  • Pt. 2: China: periodicals, children’s literature, publishers/typographers
  • Pt. 3: Japan: monographs and periodicals
    • Korea: monographs
    • Tubabao, Philippines
    • Australia: monographs, children’s literature, periodicals
  • Pt. 4: California: monographs and periodicals for San Francisco, Los Angeles
    • Oregon
    • Alaska
    • South America: monographs and periodicals for Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela
    • Supplement (items received after parts 1-3 were printed)
    • Abbreviations
    • Index of names

Each section of the catalog is accompanied by an introductory essay and a list of publishers and typographers. There are two sections of illustrations in each part.

About the Authors

Patricia Polansky has been the Russian Bibliographer at Hamilton Library since 1970, and was formerly the Director of the SHAPS Center for Russia in Asia (1988-92).

Amir Khisamutdinov is a scholar from Vladivostok, Russia, who was first invited to UH in 1992 for the School of Hawaiian, Asian, Pacific Studies Andrews Chair. He has returned to UH numerous times. He was hosted by Hamilton Library as a Fulbright Research Scholar (2001/02), and has taught a course in the spring semester of 2007 as a visiting professor in the History Department.

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