Russkaia Pechat' v ATR


MapThe materials in the Russkaia pechat’ v Aziatsko-tikhookeanskom regione (ATR) [The Russian press in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR)] includes books, mostly partial runs of journals, and some ephemera – postcards, invitations to balls, photographs, etc. The primary imprints are from China (Harbin, Shanghai, Tientsin, Peking), Japan (Tokyo, Dairen), California (San Francisco, Los Angeles), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane), South America (Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Caracas), and Tubabao, Philippines. Materials published in the Soviet Union / Russian Federation or any place in the world are collected if they cover any topic about the Russian period in Manchuria. A review of the rarer items by Amir Khisamutdinov may be found in “Russkaia pechat´ v Kitae. Opisanie redkikh izdanii v russkoi kollektsii Gamil´tonskoi biblioteki Gavaiskogo un-ta,” Rossiiane v Azii, 1994, no. 1, p. 254-282 with introduction on the history of the collection by P. Polansky, p. 251-253.

These materials are part of the Russian Northeast Asia Collection. Arrangements for access are made through the Russian Bibliographer.


Catalog CoverThe Pashkov Dom, publishing house for the Russian State Library in Moscow, wrote in September of 2012 that there were no more copies of the 2002 version of the catalog. They asked permission to reprint. Polansky and Khisamutdinov discussed this possibility, but decided to suggest a different project. They agreed to our proposal that this time the catalog would reflect our Russian émigré holdings for the Asia-Pacific region. Russkaia pechat’ v Aziatsko-tikhookeanskom regione = Russian publications in the Asia-Pacific region (Moskva: Pashkov dom, 2015-2016. 4 pts) is now available.

Book Cover of Russkaia' v KitaeIn the early 1970s P. Polansky began to acquire items that formed a special collection of Russian materials printed in China, a period of publishing from 1900 to 1949. The materials have been used by scholars around the world, including Japan, Russia, Finland, Australia, Israel. A catalog of this collection was published by the Russian State Library in Moscow in 2002: Russkaia pechat´ v Kitae [Russian publications in China, Japan, & Korea catalog] (Moskva: Pashkov Dom, 2002. 201 p.)

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