Russians in Hawai'i and The Pacific

Located in the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections of Hamilton Library, there are Russian language books and journal articles [over 1,000 items] based on P. Polansky’s Russian writings on the South Pacific area: a preliminary edition (Honolulu 1974. Pacific Islands Program. Misc. work papers, 1974: 5)

Glynn Barratt, Professor of Russian, Carleton University

  • 2 archival box of materials he collected for his various books on Russians in Hawaii, Mariana Islands, Tuamotu Islands, Melanesia, Southern and Eastern Polynesia, Port Jackson, Australia, and the Pacific in general.

Auguste Jean Baptiste Marques (1841-1929), who was the last Vice Consul of the Russian Empire in Honolulu from 1911 until his death.

Russians in Hawaii

  • Materials collected on people, Russian Consuls, Voyages, Nicholas Russel (Sudzilovskii), UH events and people, religion, immigration materials, etc.
  • 2 archival boxes

Yevgeny Yevtushenko

Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko (1933-    ) visited Hawaii in 1966.

Russian Community in Hawaii, 1991–

  • 1 archival box

Patricia Polansky, Hamilton Library Russian Bibliographer

  • Files on Russian activities at UH and in Hawaii
  • 4 archival boxes

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