White Movement in Siberia and China

Bound 4-volume typed manuscript

  • Kn. 1: Chronology of the development of Bolshevism in the area of the KVzhd [Kitaisko-Vostochnyi zhelezhnaia doroga] from March 1917. 306 p.
  • Kn. 2: Development of Bolshevism in the Far East. Based on information from the inspection branch of the regional police under the Higher Representative of the Russian Government in the Far East. Edited by Provisional Executive Affairs Inspector of Regional Police Colonel fon-Arnol’d. City of Vladivostok, May 1919. 138 p.
  • Kn. 3: Chronology of political life in the area of the KVzhd. 1 Jan. to 30 June 1919. 95 p.
  • Kn. 4: Historical essays and documents concerning the activities of Atamans Semenov and Kalmykov in the Far East. The first pages are marked “Extemely Secret.” One document (p. 138-143) written 9 Dec. 1918 in Harbin has the original signature of the Judicial consultant. The person who compiled this volume was killed. [approximately 150 p.]

Signature of Ataman Grigorii Mikhailovich Semenov
Signature of Ataman Grigorii Mikhailovich Semenov (1890-1946)

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