Patricia Polansky

photo of Patricia Polansky
Patricia Polansky, Russian Bibliogapher

Contact Information

Educational Background

  • B.A. 1967 University of Hawaii, Russian Language
  • M.L.S. 1969 University of Hawaii, Library Science

Professional Experience

  • Russian Bibliographer, UH Hamilton Library, September 1970– to present
  • Director, Center for Russia in Asia [CeRA], School of Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Studies, Univ. of Hawaii, 1988–1992

Academic Awards and Honors

  • IREX Graduate Student/Young Faculty Grant, 1977
  • Council on Library Resources Fellowship, 1979
  • Association for Asian Studies honoraria, 1978–1994
  • Title IIC Project Consultant, UC Berkeley, 1983
  • Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies, 1984
  • IREX travel grants — 1984, 1986, 1991, 1995, 1996
  • Fujio Matsuda Fellowship, 1986
  • IREX Library and Archive Program Grant, 1993 and 1994

A CHRONOLOGY of activities for the Russian-American Library Cooperation in the Pacific Rim.

Selected Publications

  • Russkaia pechat’ v Kitae, IAponii i Koree: katalog sobraniia Biblioteki imeni Gamil’tona Gavaiskogo universiteta=Russian publications in China, Japan and Korea: catalog of a collection at Hamilton Library University of Hawaii (Mosvka: Pashkov Dom, 2002. 201 p.)
  • Russian writings on the SouthPacific area: preliminary ed. (Univ. of Hawaii Pacific Islands Program, 1974. Misc. work papers, 5) “Regionalism and Siberian publishing in late Imperial Russia, 1880-1917,” Pacifica, 1989, 1/2, p. 77-100
  • “Published sources on Russian America,” in S. Frederick Starr, ed., Russia’s American Colony (Duke Univ. Press, 1987), p. 319-352
  • “Resources for current research on Siberia and the Soviet Far East: a bibliographic profile,” in Rodger Swearingen, ed., Siberia and the Soviet Far East: strategic dimensions: multi-national perspectives (Hoover Institution Press, 1987), p. 273-289
  • “The Russians and Soviets in Asia,” International Library Review, 1982, v. 14, p.217-262.
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Current Projects

  • The Russians in Hawaii: a history Written by Amir Khisamutdinov; edited by P. Polansky. Covers from 1803 to the present based on extensive archival materials from St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and Honolulu
  • The Russian Collection at the University of Hawaii Hamilton LibraryCovers the beginning of Russian studies and the first Russian books added to the collections from 1937 to the present. Highlights distinctive subject areas
  • The Russian Press in China: Shanghai A history of libraries and publishers in the city of Shanghai. Accompanied by an extensive bibliography of Russian books, journals and newspapers printed in this city
  • A history of the publishing connections between Northeast Asia and the Russian Far East Detailed study of libraries and publishers in this region from the creation of the Vostochnyi institut in Vladivostok in 1899 until after WWII

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