Reading Room Procedures

Moir Reading Room Procedures

Rules governing the use of archival and manuscript collections in the Archives & Manuscripts Department at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Library are devised to facilitate research and to assist in the orderly administration and protection of rare, fragile, and/or unique materials. Preserving these irreplaceable materials is a responsibility shared by archives staff, student assistants, and researchers. The following procedures allow access to the collections while also ensuring their preservation as permanent resources for scholars.

  • All personal property (including backpacks, briefcases, bags, suitcases, umbrellas, and purses) must be stored in lockers located outside of the Archives Reading Room. Researchers must remove all personal belongings from the lockers at the end of the day.
  • Researchers may bring pencils, paper, cellphones, and laptop computers into the Reading Room.
  • Researchers must complete a Researchers Registration Form prior to using the materials in the collection, and annually thereafter.
  • Notes may be taken in pencil only! No pens, markers, or ink-based writing utensils may be brought into the reading room or used at any time.
  • Do not lean on, fold, trace, or make/remove marks on any archival or manuscript materials. Keep the materials in their original order within the folders.
  • Food, beverages (including water), and chewing gum are not allowed.
  • A quiet atmosphere will prevail in the Reading Room: No radios, CDs, or any other audible equipment may be used, other than with earphones or a headset. Please keep cell phone ringers and pagers turned off at all times.
  • Cotton gloves may be required to handle some materials (gloves will be provided).
  • Access to materials deemed exceptionally fragile may be restricted. Photocopies or microforms may be supplies in lieu of the originals.
  • Archives staff can assist researchers needing reproductions of archival or manuscript items.
  • If materials in the Archives & Manuscripts Department should become a significant resource for publication, we request that a copy of the published work be presented to the department.
  • All archival materials must be used onsite in the Reading Room under supervision. No materials whatsoever may be removed from the Reading Room-no exceptions! Archives staff reserve the right to examine all personal materials removed from the Reading Room by researchers.

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