Faculty and Students

1915 graduating class photo showing Alice Augusta Ball, Yakichi Kutsunai, and Tomoso Imai

Individual Students and Student Groups

  • Graduating Class Photographs: An artificial collection containing photographs, either composites of individual photos or group photos, with samples from 1912 through the early 1930s.
  • Marielouise Abel Senior Year Scrapbook, 1926/1927: The scrapbook holds invitations, announcements of socials and other activities, programs for graduation an baccalaureate services, and photographs from Ms. Abel’s senior year, 1926/1927.
  • Irmgard and Helmuth Hormann Student Memorabilia Collection, 1923-1937: The collection includes scrapbooks, including one of Helmuth’s drama experiences at UH; photographs of student activities, including Asilomar and IPR Youth Conferences; and copies of Hawaiʻi Quill.
  • Bureau of Student Activities: An organization under the Office of Student Personnel (as it was called in the early days of UH), which kept files on student organizations. Currently (2009), Co-Curricular Activities, Programs, and Services (CAPS) appears to have taken over that function.
  • Lewis David Leflar Student Memorabilia
  • Associated Students of the University of Hawaiʻi (ASUH): Includes four scrapbooks documenting graduations and student events circa 1907-1964.
  • East-West Center Student Association

Faculty Groups

  • Faculty Senate Records: These records begin with the early Faculty Governance records of the faculty meetings of the College of Hawaiʻi/University of Hawaiʻi. They begin in the first semester of 1908 and run to the 1930s (with a gap from 1914-1917), and from the 1960s to current time. The Faculty Senate as a truly faculty body began by charter from the Board of Regents effective fall semester, 1962.
  • Women’s Campus Club

Individual Collections – Faculty

  • Romanzo Adams: First professor of Sociology at UH, beginning spring 1920.
  • Vivian B. Appleton
  • John Bardach
  • Edward D. Beechart: Labor historian.
  • Janet E. Bell
  • William Alanson Bryan: Early ornithologist at College of Hawaiʻi beginning fall of 1909.
  • LaRene Despain
  • Maxwell S. Doty: Professor of botany specializing in seaweed.
  • Gordon E. Frazier
  • Clarence Glick: Sociology professor in RASRL.
  • Bernhard Lothar Hormann Professor of Sociology; member of RASRL.
  • Judson Ihrig
  • Andrew W. S. In
  • Thomas A. Jaggar: World-famous volcanologist.
  • Rubellite Kawena Johnson
  • Walter Johnson: American historian; papers include files on William Allen White, Joseph C. Grew, the Fulbright Program, and the U.S. Advisory Commission.
  • Alison Kay: Professor of Zoology; editor of Pacific Science for twenty-five years.
  • Felix M. Keesing
  • Tom Klobe: Curator of UH Art Gallery.
  • Terence Knapp
  • Amos Leib
  • Andrew Lind: Sociologist with Romanzo Adams Social Research Laboratory.
  • Arthur Jacob Marder: Historian of the British Navy.
  • William Meinecke
  • Carey D. Miller: Nutionist in College of Tropical Agriculture.
  • Ben Norris: Professor of art, artist, anti-Vietnam War activist at the University of Hawaiʻi.
  • M. Roseamonde Porter
  • John Reinecke: One of the Hawaiʻi Seven accused of communist ties in Smith Case.
  • Harold St. John
  • Shunzo Sakamaki: History professor, one of the first Japanese-Americans to have earned a doctorate degree.
  • Carol Schaafsma
  • Spencer W. Tinker
  • Murray Turnbull: Professor of art, involved in the beginnings of the East-West Center.
  • Leonard D. Tuthill
  • Daniel W. Tuttle: Professor of political science; studied political parties in the United States and in individual states.
  • Benjamin O. Wist
  • John Mason Young: First professor of engineering at the College of Hawaiʻi; papers consist of engineering and architectural drawings in Hawaiʻi and Mainland.

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