UH Student Veterans Essays

These essays were all written shortly after WWII by veterans of the war who had enrolled in and become students at the University of Hawaiʻi. Most of the essays relate to the veterans’ experiences in the military, including training, deployment overseas, and postwar experiences.

The essays are included in the HWRD Original Subject Files series; their subject files catalog number is W24.01:79–. Each writer has been assigned a unique number which follows the topic number, ’79.’  As there are sixty-seven writers in the veterans group, the numbers range from :7901 through :7967. In some cases, a writer wrote more than one essay. In such cases, the essays are then given a letter designation.

Surname, Given Name Essay Title HWRD Catalog #
Adaniya, Terry The Process of Getting a Pass in the Army 7901a
James Mana 7901b
Definition of a Houseman in the Army 7901c
The Tramp and the Hobo 7901d
An Analysis of Traffic Accidents 7901e
Classification of Veterans 7901f
[Letter], Mr. James T. Black, 1946 July 15 7901g
Akers, Clara Experiences in the Service 7902
Arinaga, Iwao Life in the Service 7903
Balmores, Jose My Army Career 7904
Black, Bob A Tour on Midway 7905
Campbell, Edward One Spoke for a Thousand 7906
Chang, Herbert Basic Training 7907
Char, Howard Goldbricks 7908a
Process of Being Discharged from the Army 7908b
Char, Norman A Unique Date 7909
Chinn, Newton An Unforgettable Character 7910
Chock, Wilbert Developing Photos Combat Style 7911a
Perky 7911b
Contrast and Comparison 7911c
Veterans 7911d
Davis, Charles K.L. The Great Typhoon of October 5, 1946 7912
Devone, Paul Do you Want to Live Forever? 7913
Fisette, Gerald N. Budapest in Hungary 7914
Freeman, Edith Not for Posterity 7915
Fujinaka, Ivan Landing on the Front Lines 7916
Gardner, James D. Experiences in the Army 7917
Gotanda, Yukio A Riksha [sic] Ride 7918
Hamashige, Kintaro Discharge (Process) 7919a
Sleepers 7919b
[Letter], Captain Wallace Smith, 1946 July 15 7919c
Hara, Mitsuo An Unforgettable Experience 7920
Hashisaka, Norman Yukio My Experiences in the Army 7921a
My Experiences in Japan 7921b
Heau, Allen First Day on a Troopship 7922a
An Experience that Made Me Go to College 7922b
Hirose, Dennis K. My Furlough to London 7923a
No Shaving Please 7923b
Basic Training 7923c
Ige, Kenichi France Bound 7924
Kagawa, Tatsuo Death by Transfusion 7925
Kashiwagi, Isami My Part in the Occupation of Japan 7926
Koike, Hajime A Veteran in School 7927
Komo, James The First Battle 7928
Lau, Wilfred D.L. The Alps 7929
Lowrey, William A Visit to a Lovely Spot 7930
Lum, Kwong Yen Prisoners of War 7931
Matsuda, Fujio Backnang, Germany 7932a
The Veteran in School 7932b
Matsuda, Richard K. Home Coming [sic] 7933
Menor, Benjamin My Part in the War 7934
Morimune, George M. As I Saw It 7935
Nakagawa, Keiso Quarrel in Paradise 7936a
Sick Call 7936b
Logical Paragraph 7936c
Earl M. Finch 7936d
Hill 1017 7936e
Peace-Time Army Days 7936f
Under Two Schools 7936g
Why I Don’t Go to Movies 7936h
Nakama, Sunao My Army Career 7937
Nakamoto, Yoshiaki There is Always a First time 7938
Nakamura, Robert Raiding a Watermelon Patch 7939
Nakanishi, Ralph A Soldier’s Experiences 7940
Newbould, Alfred L. My Last Experience with the Navy 7941
Nishimoto, Joseph T. It Might as Well be Spring 7942
Nishimura, Katsuyoshi Special Orders No. 233 7943
Nojima, Isamu Hawaiʻi, Aloha 7944
Oba, Ronald M. Journey Home 7945
Oda, Isami The Contributions of Mussolini 7946
Ohara, Masami My Return Trip 7947
Ornelles, Axel Dachau 7948
Patterson, John Jr. I Was Lucky 7949
Shimamoto, Tetsuo What the Army Has Taught Me 7950
Takeuchi, Masaji I Hated to Do it, but … 7951
Tamura, Yoichi Memoirs of the Past Five Years 7952a
Home — Sweet Home! 7952b
Tanaka, Francis It Happened Somewhere in the Pacific 7953
Tanaka, Saburo A Tour in Switzerland 7954
Tanner, Virginia An Experience in New Guinea 7955
Thompson, William Pacific Doesn’t Mean Calm 7956
Toda, Thomas The Showdown 7957a
Foreign Languages Can Be Fun 7957b
Urabe, Ralph Time Out From the Army 7958a
Standing in Line 7958b
Valenciano, Santos Two Years at Pearl Harbor 7959
Wadsworth, Keith A. S. N. 30120919, The uctee 7960
Watanabe, Stanley Homeward-bound 7961
Yamamoto, Tatsuji Curfew Time in Hawaiʻi 7962
Yokochi, William M. I Volunteered 7963
Yokoyama, Toshiaki A Taste of Power 7964
Yonahara, Roy Father 7965
Yoshimoto, Toshiharu My Trip Overseas 7966
Zukerkorn, Jack C G C 83429 in Action 7967

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