Statement On Violence against Asian and Asian American communities

As UH-Mānoa’s University Librarian, I write on behalf of Hamilton Library to condemn the recent, highly visible acts of violence against Asian and Asian American communities. As horrific as they are, these assaults are not isolated, one-time events in the United States. Rather, they come on the heels of more than 2,800 documented incidents of anti-Asian hate that occurred between March and December 2020 and centuries of discrimination, violence, and oppression. 

Hawaiʻi has its own long history of racism and systemic inequities. It is our collective responsibility to not only acknowledge this history, but to actively work to dismantle the hierarchies, stereotypes, and tropes that are its ongoing legacy. In specific regard to anti-Asian hate, we encourage you to refer to the Asian Pacific American Librarians’ Association’s 2021 COVID-19 anti-xenophobia and anti-racist information resources for concrete ways to combat racism.

We at Hamilton Library stand in solidarity with all marginalized people and communities and urge you to stand with us.

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