Editing Events on Library Calendars


  • Click on the link to the appropriate Calendar.
  • Click on the number of the day which you would like to edit, and Login by adding the User Name and Password.

    (In the example below, click on the number 1 to edit events for Monday.

  • Sunday Monday Tuesday
    1 2
  • The next window should look similar to this:

    Editing Daily Events

  • Then click on the Edit link for the specific event you want to edit, and it will take you to a window with the original information.

    Image of editing window

  • Either make desired changes and click Submit
  • Or to delete the entire event, click on the Delete button.
  • The next window to appear will allow you to see your changes if you click on View Calendar.

If you need assistance in editing a calendar event, please contact the Library Administrative Support staff at library@hawaii.edu. If you have specific software or hardware needs for the Classrooms, please send a detailed request to the DNS Web Help Desk. Please review the Guidelines for reserving Hamilton Library classrooms.

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