Conference Room Information

See the Conference/Multi-Purpose Room Use Guidelines for further information.

Classrooms 113 and 306 (Phase II) and A156 (Phase III) contain PC computers, and a projector. The Yap conference room (153A in Phase III) and room 301 (Phase I) have an instructor PC and projection system only.

All PCs in classrooms have the MS Office suite of software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access) on the Windows 7 OS platform. Web browser software and other internet programs are available. Requests for installation of special software (freeware, trial usage) must be submitted at least 7 working days in advance via the DNS Web Help Desk (Off-site use: Web Help Desk).

The Division Head for Public Services is responsible for insuring the rooms are stocked with standard instructional supplies (printer paper, toner cartridges, markers, overhead projector bulbs, etc.). Send email to Library Administration to report any classroom facilities problems. Use the DNS Web Help Desk (Off-site use: Web Help Desk) to report problems with computers, printer, or computer projector.

Library faculty and staff may reserve a classroom in advance using the Web Calendar. When you leave the classrooms, please turn off ALL the computers, lights and the projector(s). LOCK the door, make sure the door is pulled shut, and return the key where you checked it out.

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