Using the Request, Sign, Grab, and Go Service

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At this time, Hamilton Library patrons cannot access most of the physical library, which means that patrons cannot go up to the shelves to retrieve material.

However, Hamilton Library has a system in place to make most physical sources available.

The Request, Sign, Grab and Go service does not include non-circulating items such as those labelled as reference, periodical, or “Library Use Only”.

You can, however, check out most books and DVDs by requesting them.

For print books, the system is a bit complicated.

Once you have found a physical item in our catalog using OneSearch, there are basically two scenarios.

First, you need to see if the book is available temporarily from HathiTrust’s digital repository.

Because of copyright laws, if HathiTrust has a digital version of the book, then you are not allowed to access ourphysical copy.

For this demonstration, we will search for Umberto Eco’s “The Role of the Reader”.

In this case, we can click on the “Full Text may be available at HathiTrust” link.

You must log in with your University of Hawai’i username and password.

If HathiTrust has a digital copy available, you will see a “temporary access” link.

When you click on the link, you will see a “Check Out” button that allows you to access the scanned copy of the book.

In this case, you can only access the book online and cannot request our physical book.

Also, only one person at a time can view the online book, which is checked out in one-hour blocks.

If there is not a link in OneSearch, HathiTrust can be accessed directly at

If you are searching without using the OneSearch link, make sure you have the “catalog search” selected and that the “Full View” box is not checked.

Also make sure that you have logged in to HathiTrust as a member of the University of Hawai‘i.

If the book is not found in the HathiTrust catalog or if you see a “Limited (search only)” link, then HathiTrust does NOT have a scanned version of the book available.

Here, for instance, is the HathiTrust record for Umberto Eco’s “The Open Work”.

In this case, you can go back to the OneSearch record and request the item with our “Request, Sign, Grab and Go” system and we will try to provide you with the physical item.

There are exceptions, specifically with rare books, archival material, and books with limited circulation.

Note also that DVDs and CDs are requested this way and you do not need to check HathiTrust.

To request a physical item that is not in HathiTrust, go to the full bibliographic record in OneSearch.

Make sure to sign in with your University of Hawai‘i username and password.

You will see a “Request Specific Copy” link.

Once you click on that link, a small dialog box will appear.

Indicate that your “Pickup Institution” is “UH Mānoa” and that your “Pickup Location” is “Hamilton Library”.

Finish the request by clicking on the “Send Request” button.

If the item is available to you, our staff will retrieve it and have it ready for you near the entrance to the library.

You will receive an email when the item is available for pickup, which is often the following day.

When the item is ready, you simply walk into Hamilton Library, check in with the guard, and then turn to the left.

Make sure that you are wearing a mask and that you have signed into the Lumisight health app for that day.

Once in the library, you will see a table where you can find your item.

The items are organized by the patron’s last name.

Sign the form and put it into the box.

Then you are ready to go.

Note that available items that you request will be checked out to your library account in advance.

If you have any questions, please contact Access Services by email at or by phone at (808) 956-7203.

Thank you for watching this tutorial.

Please contact Brian Richardson at with any questions or comments.

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