Frequently Asked Questions for Hamilton Library

1. Are textbooks available in the library?
It depends. Typical textbooks are generally not part of the library collection and are not available for interlibrary loan. If the textbook is actually a regular book, then we might have a copy. Also, your instructor may have put a copy of the textbook on reserve, which you can check using the Voyager catalog [link]. Finally, textbooks are sometimes available for rent through the Pueo library collection (a student-run organization providing access to thousands of textbooks)

Currently assigned textbooks are not part of the collection. And unfortunately, textbooks are not available from other institutions through interlibrary loan. But on occasion, older editions of textbooks and supplemental materials might be listed in Voyager and part of the permanent collection. You might also check to see if the book is an e-book available online, on reserve for a particular class, or available for rent through the Pueo library collection (a student-run organization providing access to thousands of textbooks)

2. What is the easiest way to find a book in the library?
Go to the main UH library website:

Enter the title, author, or subject of the material you are looking for in the search box “What can we help you find”. You can use either UH Voyager or OneSearch. Voyager is more focused on our book collection.

Using the advanced search option, you can limit or direct your search more specifically by date, language, format, etc.

If you are having difficult navigating Voyager, please reach out to any of the librarians, who can guide you through the search process and assist you in locating relevant materials.

3. I need help with my assignment, research paper or dissertation. What should I do?
Please feel free to contact the librarian responsible for a particular topic area. They can refer you to guides, journals, associations/industry groups, and other materials on your subject area and show you how to search for trends and issues currently important in your topic.

Also, the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Hamilton Library publishes over a hundred different subject guides, which provide direction to books, journals, databases and other materials in those particular areas. These research guides are accessible through the research guides section on the UH Mānoa Hamilton Library webpage. In addition, the guides identify the librarian who can provide guidance on that particular topic. You are welcome to contact the librarian to set up a meeting or phone call for consultation in that area.

4. What do I do if a book is listed as “not checked out” or “available” and it is not on the shelf where it is supposed to be?
If a book is not where it should be, take a moment to search one or two shelves above and below the expected location—sometimes books are shelved incorrectly. Also, recheck the call number source for the material and make sure that you are looking in the correct collection. All of the collections—Hawai‘i-Pacific, Asia, East Asia and even folio (oversize materials marked with an (f)‚—use the Library of Congress classification scheme and therefore the same call number may be located in different locations in the library.

You may also check the sorting areas on the 2nd and 3rd floors where materials to be reshelved are located before being put back on the shelves and No Room on Shelves (NROS) areas.

Finally, ask a librarian for assistance in locating the material.

If the material cannot be located, other options such as interlibrary loan can be considered.

5. Where are the current magazines and newspapers located?
There are a number of publications which the library subscribes to in hardcopy format for your use.

Newspapers are located to the right of the Reference Desk.

Current issues of these publications are now cataloged and shelved with the rest of the collection by call number specific to their subject content. Use UH Voyager to look up the title of the journal and to get the call numbers for location.

6. How do I donate books to the library?
If you wish to donate books or journals to the library, and the donation the Circulation Desk will accept up to nine (9) items.

If you want to donate more than 9 items, please contact the appropriate subject selector to make an appointment.

7. What are the phone numbers for Circulation, the general Reference Desk and the Business Office?
Business Office/Circulation Desk – 808-956-7203

Reference Desk – 808-956-7214

8. How do I find a thesis or dissertation in Hamilton?
Go to library home page:

Then, click on e-resources and databases, and then type in “dissertations and theses.” There are two primary links—one link for UH dissertations and theses in particular, and another link for the larger collection.

“Dissertations & Theses @ University of Hawaii”

Dissertations and Theses at University of Hawaii provides access to complete full text of University of Hawaii theses and dissertations from 1996 to present. Use Dissertations & Theses for citations, abstracts, and full text of work from other institutions.

Most UH dissertations and theses are also listed in the Voyager catalog. Hard copies of UHM dissertations and theses may be available through the Hawai‘i-Pacific collection on the 5th floor Hamilton.

“Dissertations & Theses”

This collection includes bibliographic citations for the doctoral and selected master’s work of authors from more than 1,000 graduate schools and universities dating back to 1861. More than 750,000 dissertations and theses from 1997 on have been digitized and are available for PDF download. Print copies of additional dissertations and theses not yet digitized are available for purchase. Citations for dissertations from 1980 forward include abstracts.

Please reach out to a librarian if you are not locating a specific document or you require other assistance.

9. Where are the reserve books?
All physical copies of course reserves at UH Mānoa are held on the first floor of Hamilton Library and may be charged out during business hours. Electronic reserves are available for students to access through the Hawai’i Voyager Catalog 24/7. A valid UH username and password is required to view online reserves.

Reserves are course-related materials that UH Mānoa faculty have placed in the library for their students to use, which can include books, textbooks, videos, articles, notes, exams, DVDs, or CDs, and electronic and streaming resources. The items can be checked out for a limited amount of time so that all students are given the chance to access the materials. All items are taken off reserve at the end of the semester.

10. I am not affiliated with UH. Can I use the library?
Yes, with some limitations. The University of Hawai’i at Mānoa Library welcomes visitors who are not affiliated with the University. We are proud to provide the Hawai’i community with access to this major academic research library and it is open to any individual who wishes to use materials in the library buildings.

Almost all materials are available on open shelves to consult. Some materials are kept in protective storage and may not be available to all library users, or may be available only for a fee to persons not affiliated with the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (such as audiovisual media). Electronic resources and databases also have licensing agreements that may restrict usage by particular campus license.

A Community Borrowing Card provides selected library privileges and can be purchased by individuals 18 years or older. Please visit the Hamilton Library Business Offices or call our office at (808) 956-7203 during service hours for more information.

You may also want to consider going to one of the public libraries, which offer the public greater access to the internet.

11. How do I print?
Pay printing is available from all library computers. Printouts must be paid for by using a UH Mānoa OneCard or Guest Card. Cost is $.11 per page. BHSD and BHSD-CASH printers are located on the 1st floor near BHSD and the HAWNPAC printer is located on the 5th floor.

Cash printing is also available at the printer located near the reference section on the ground floor of the main building.

Color printing is available in the Government Documents/Maps department, as well as on the first floor of Hamilton near BHSD. Color printing is 75¢ per page. Cash printer will accept the following denominations: 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1.00, and $5.00. The printers provide change.

Information Technology Services maintains a computer lab (CLIC) on the first floor of Hamilton Library. The computers have Microsoft Office software and Internet access. Printing is available with a UH Mānoa OneCard or Guest Card. Login with a UH username and password is required.

12. Where are the scanners/copy machines?

There is one color copier ($.75 a copy) next to the Sunny Alcove on the first floor.

The public photocopiers in Hamilton library are intended for personal use only. The copy quality of the photocopiers is not designed or intended to be “of professional quality”. Paper and supplies for the photocopiers are maintained by Circulation department. Please contact Circulation for minor problems (paper jams, out of toner indicators) with any photocopier. Copiers accept coins ($.05 or greater) or bills (up to $5.00). Change is in coin only.

Two KIC scanners are located next to the Sunny Alcove Study Area on the first floor, and one is available in the Hawaiian and Pacific Collection on the 5th floor. KIC Manual (not all features may be available)

13. Where are the restrooms?
There are restrooms on every floor of the library (usually near the elevators) and the addition. All are wheelchair accessible. Gender neutral restrooms are located on the third floor of the main Hamilton building.

14. Where is the lactation room?
A lactation room is available on the third floor of the main Hamilton building [link to

15. Where are the elevators in the library?
Elevators are located in the center of the buildings. Not all elevators access all floors in the main Hamilton building.

You can pass between Hamilton and the addition via hallways on the first and second floors.

In case of fire or other emergencies, please take the open stairways accessible on every floor.

16. Do you have old newspapers in the library?
Yes, printed copies of local and major newspapers are located on the first floor of Hamilton library and are generally kept for 6 months. Newspapers further back in time are accessible through a variety of databases via the main library website ( On the website, choose the research tab and select electronic databases. You can search newspapers as a topic or the individual newspaper title for a possible source. In addition, an extensive microform collection is available on the first floor of Hamilton library with appropriate equipment to view historical local newspapers and other material. A librarian can provide assistance with the material and equipment.

17. Do you have movies, CDs, DVDs in the library?
Located on the 1st floor of Hamilton Library, The Harry C. & Nee-Chang Wong Audiovisual Center contains a wide range of audiovisual media including CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, videotapes, laser discs, phono discs, and the equipment to play them on. The Center is usually open from 8:00am until 7:45pm Monday through Thursday, with more limited hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

18. Does the library have U.S. Government documents or access to government data?
Yes. On the ground floor, one floor below the main library floor entrance, is the US Government document collection, which provides local, no-fee access to government information. As a depository library, the library safeguards the public’s right to know by collecting, organizing, maintaining, preserving, and assisting users with information from the Federal Government. The collection is generally open from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Closed on weekends and holidays.

19. When a book or paper I need is not available at UH – can I still get access to it?
The Access Services Department provides services to obtain materials from libraries outside of the UH Mānoa Libraries for UHM patrons:

  • Books from Other UH Campus Libraries, such as UH Hilo and the community colleges To request book loans from other UH System libraries, use the Voyager “Get This Item” request form for Hold or transfer this item.
  • Articles/Chapters from Other UH Campus Libraries To request copies of journal articles and book chapters for items available from other UH System libraries, use the Voyager “Get This Item” request form for Request Article: send to UH Mānoa.
  • Items NOT available from UHM nor Campus Libraries To request materials (loans, articles, etc.) for items that are NOT available in the UH Library System, including UH Mānoa Libraries, use the ILL Request Login for Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services. Most items can be obtained this way and there is no charge for this service.

20. How do I reserve a study room?
There are numerous tables and individual study carrels throughout the library and the addition, for your use. If you are working with a small group of people though, you may wish to reserve a group study room. On the UH Mānoa Library webpage, choose the “Study Spaces” selection on the Services menu tab. Here you can reserve either a Hamilton group study room or a Hamilton presentation practice room. Once you have requested the room, you will receive an email. You must click on the link in that email to confirm the booking. At the time of your reservation, go to the circulation desk on the main floor, where someone will accompany you to your room and unlock the door for you. The group study rooms are for use by 2-8 people.

21. What is considered a scholarly or peer-reviewed article and how do I find one in the UH Library?
A scholarly or peer review article is an article which has been reviewed for accuracy and completeness by scholars in the field before acceptance for publication. Some types of publication, such as letters to the editor, editorial, and popular news, do not follow this procedure.

An easy way to find scholarly articles is to go to the main page of the UH Mānoa Hamilton Library webpage. Under the “Databases” selection enter “Academic Search Complete”. Do a search for your topic and then check the box limit to scholarly, academic or “peer-reviewed” articles. Other databases have similar ways to focus the search on peer-reviewed resources.

If there is a particular article you would like to use, but you still are not sure if it is scholarly, you can also consult Ulrich’s Directory of Periodicals, a reference source that provides information about journals and magazines, and which will definitively note those titles which are peer-reviewed. For more help locating full text for articles, please consult with a librarian.

22. I would like to speak with a librarian who is a specialist in a particular topic area. Is that possible?
Yes. We encourage you to reach out to any librarian responsible for a particular topic area.

Also, the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Hamilton Library publishes over a hundred different subject guides, which provide direction to books, journals, databases and other materials in those particular areas. These research guides are accessible through the research guides selection on the UH Mānoa Hamilton Library webpage. In addition, these guides identify the librarian who can provide guidance on that particular topic. You are welcome to contact the librarian to set up a meeting or phone call for consultation in that area.

23. I'm looking for the book with this particular Call Number, where do I go?
First, figure out which collection the book is a part of. There are maps to each floor to help you find where specific collections and specific call numbers are.

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