Staff Guidelines for Assisting Library Users with Disabilities

General Guidelines

  • Public Service staff will provide an immediate response to user requests that do as much as possible to meet the requested need.
  • Staff will offer assistance to complete the request in keeping with departmental services for extended assistance (such as consultations, returning at a later time for completed work, etc.)
  • Staff will apprise users about campus and community assistance resources as appropriate.
  • Staff will be aware of the specific services provided by UH Manoa Libraries.

Emergency Guidelines

  • Assist users in moving to the stairwells in Hamilton Main (aka “Phases I” – makai and “Phase II” – mauka). In the Hamilton Addition (aka “Phase III” assist users in moving to the Area of Rescue Assistance (ARA).
  • Notify Campus Security that there are people in stairwells and ARA’s.

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