Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are the Library Essentials workshops held?
Library Essentials workshops are held in a Hamilton Library classroom. The classroom contains the computer software used in the workshops. Additionally, having the workshops in the library enables students to experience the library environment.

2. Who teaches the Library Essentials workshops?
Library Essentials workshops are taught by Business, Humanities, and Social Sciences Department librarians and staff.

3. Are Library Essentials workshops provided for English 100 courses that meet at 7:30am?
Yes. Library Essentials workshops can be scheduled at anytime an English 100 section meets.

4. Does the English instructor need to attend the Library Essentials workshop with the students?
We strongly encourage instructors to attend the Library Essentials workshop with their students. When the English instructor is present, students are more attentive and engaged.

5. Why is it important for students to be on time for the workshops?
The short time period in combination with the active learning format requires the workshops to begin on time. We encourage students to arrive in the library early to locate the workshop classroom.

6. Will the librarian integrate subject matter into the Library Essentials workshop tailored to my course?
We do not have adequate staff to tailor workshops to the content of specific English 100 sections. Along with the workshops, we provide instruction for other courses.

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