Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

Our faculty and staff serve as the human connection between people and the knowledge resources that they need to succeed. We acquire, organize, preserve, and provide access to information resources and are active partners in the University’s mission to promote information literacy. The Library provides a sustainable learning environment that meets the space, computing, and information needs of the UHM academic community. The Library is a premier resource for Hawaii, Pacific and Asia-related research. It facilitates access to knowledge throughout the world and contributes unique content to global networked information resources.

Vision Statement

The Library is the University’s center of knowledge; its intellectual, cultural and social hub; and an essential partner in fostering teaching, research, and community engagement.

Library Values


We value the collaborative process with colleagues, scholars, researchers and students throughout the UH system, and with institutions and researchers on local, national, and global levels to create, expand upon, promote and provide access to services and knowledge resources.


We value a work environment that is based on collegiality and an open, transparent and respectful exchange of information and ideas.


We value the diverse communities we serve. We recognize the richness differing backgrounds, ideas and beliefs bring to our campus and all of its academic and research programs. We foster an environment that contributes to the success of our communities and the variety of ways of learning and knowing.


We value collections, projects, technologies and physical spaces that are managed and made accessible in an economically and environmentally sustainable fashion.


We value a caring and welcoming environment in which we anticipate users’ needs and create personalized services to connect users with the best resources. We collaborate with faculty, staff and students to define the most useful methods to promote intellectual and academic success.


As a forward-thinking institution, we value innovation not only for its ability to provide us with the tools necessary to embrace our future, but also for its potential to allow us to better understand our collective past. We recognize that innovation isn’t only an issue of technology, but also a way of approaching our work creatively and intelligently, and as a way of discovering solutions via the most efficient means.

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