Teak Trading in Thailand during the Nineteenth Century

Logs floating downstream

September 28, 2020-November 28, 2020
Location: Asia Collection

Southeast Asia as a major source of key raw materials and markets plays an important role in the world economy. Teak was an important resource used for construction and shipbuilding in Mainland Southeast Asia during the colonial era. It became the most sought-after timber during the British and French colonial expansion. Before the nineteenth century, teak was exported only in a small quantity. However, rising world demand led the European traders to get involved in teak export in Southern India, Burma, and Northern Thailand.

Created by: Jaratnapa Surinlert, (Student Assistant, Asia Collection & a Doctoral Student, Department of Anthropology)

Dragging timber log by elephants Khum Chao Luang Phrae people had a protest about the heritage building demolished on June 2020

View the Online Exhibit at: https://teaktradingexhibition.weebly.com

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