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A wall illustration of a kangaroo flanking the Jean Charlot's Children's Book display
Aug 26 2019
Dec 20 2019

Location: Elevator Gallery

Master Artist. Children’s Books. An Interesting Life. Jean Charlot was a famous muralist and master printmaker who influenced many artists, including Diego Rivera on his mural... View "50+ Years of Joy: Jean Charlot’s Children’s Books" Exhibit

Woman with a sword on a rearing horse
Jun 1 2019
Aug 31 2019

Location: Asia Collection

By the early twentieth century all Southeast Asia had come under colonial control. The exception was Thailand, but even here Western ideas about pathways to... View "Colonialism in Southeast Asia: Resistance, Negotiation and Legacies" Exhibit

KTUH 90.1 FM 50th Anniversary Library Exhibit
Apr 25 2019
Jul 12 2019

Location: Bridge Gallery

Come celebrate 50 years of KTUH! The exhibit, on display in the Hamilton Bridge Gallery through July 12th, includes photos, posters, records and recording equipment... View "KTUH 90.1FM Honolulu 50th Anniversary" Exhibit

Display case for preservation week exhibit showing the process of unrolling paper.
Apr 22 2019
Apr 26 2019

Location: Science & Technology Department

The Preservation Department celebrates Preservation Week 2019 with an exhibit focusing on a simple treatment: humidification and flattening of rolled paper material. This treatment is... View "Preservation Week: Humidification and Flattening of Rolled Paper Material" Exhibit

China's Revolution in Politics, Literature, Feminism
Apr 1 2019
May 31 2019

Location: Asia Collection

The Qing Dynasty was overthrown in 1911. The end of the imperial era led to a dynamic but also politically, socially, and culturally unstable era.... View "China’s Revolution in Politics, Literature, Feminism: Commemorating the Centenary of the May Fourth Movement, 1919-2019" Exhibit

Posters and display cases for Washoku exhibit
Mar 13 2019
May 27 2019

Location: Elevator Gallery

Washoku 和食 was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013. UNESCO stated: “Washoku is a social practice based on a set of skills,... View "Washoku: Japanese Foods & Flavors" Exhibit

Creating & curating change: AIDS activism & the fight for same-sex marriage in Hawaii.
Mar 1 2019
Sep 30 2019

Location: Moir Reading Room

Highlights in Lobby Cases, March-May 2019. Main Exhibit in Moir Reading Room, March-September 2019. "Creating & Curating Change"—an exhibit of selections from the AIDS & Same-Sex Marriage... View "Creating & Curating Change: AIDS Activism & the Fight for Same-sex Marriage in Hawai‘i" Exhibit

Painting in Asia. Past and Present
Feb 4 2019
Feb 28 2019

Location: Asia Collection

Asia has given birth to numerous types of art. The Asia collection's new exhibition, Painting in Asia - Past and Present explores the variety of... View "Painting in Asia, Past and Present" Exhibit

The Gaucho. Tradition and Diversity in Argentina
Jan 14 2019
Mar 8 2019

Location: Bridge Gallery

Tradition & Diversity in Argentina Presented by Condesa A. Nora Meijide-Gentry & Spanish@UHM Opening Reception January 14 3:30 Hamilton 306 Sponsored by AATSP & Spanish@UHM ... View "The Gaucho" Exhibit

Display of books for Christmas in Hawaii
Dec 7 2018
Jan 4 2019

Location: Elevator Gallery

Holiday stories are a popular topic, particularly for the opportunity for unique, Hawaii-style illustrations. Enjoy a collection of interesting stories, art and music from the... View "Christmas in Hawaiʻi" Exhibit

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