Mga Sinag Sa Balangaw (Hues of a Rainbow)

Textile Exhibit Items

September 5, 2010-December 10, 2010
Location: Bridge Gallery

In Hawai'i, Filipinos make up about 14 percent of the population but this statistic does not include those with mixed heritage backgrounds. Filipinos identify as Ilokanos, Visayans and Tagalogs, to name a few. They are a small representation of all the ethnic groups that make up Filipinos. With 7,107 islands, 175 languages and over 300 dialects, the Philippine archipelago is a smorgasbord of cultures. It begs the question, "Who are the Filipinos?"

This exhibition attempts to answer this question by giving a glimpse of the rich and long tradition of weaving, brass casting and jewelry making that reflects the diversity of the Philippines.

Co-Sponsor by Iris Gil Designs, Center for Philippine Studies, American Friends Service Committee,Student Equity, Excellence & Diversity (SEED), Congress of Visayan Organizations, UH Manoa Ilokano Program & Timpuyog: Ilokano Student Organization, and Filipino & Philippine Literature Program

For more information, please contact Elena Clariza at mclariza@hawaii.edu or go tohttp://huesofarainbow.blogspot.com/

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