Houses to Homes: A Glimpse into Chinese Vernacular Architecture and Decor

From Houses to Homes A glimpse into chinese vernacular architecture and decor

January 12, 2024-May 10, 2024
Location: Elevator Gallery

The Chinese character of "家" (pinyin:jia), beyond being a mere representation of a 'house,' encapsulates the profound ideals of 'home' and 'family.' With its imagery of a pig (boar) sheltered beneath a roof, it evokes the spirit of shared activities and resources that define a family unit. From an architectural standpoint, it signifies the significance of residential structures as places of refuge. From an economic and humanistic perspective, it encompasses a wide spectrum of familial production and daily life.

Inspired by the profound meaning of "Jia," our exhibit is designed to deepen your understanding of 'home' in Chinese vernacular architecture and decorative arts. Through the arrangement of exhibits, we aim to showcase the captivating diversity of Chinese homes and the intricate decorative details that reflect the rich tapestry of cultural beliefs and practices.

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