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With more than forty faculty members offering courses or conducting research related to Korea, the Center has by far the greatest number of scholars of any such institution in the United States, and our resources for scholarship on Korea rank in the upper echelon of academic institutions throughout the world. Courses relating to Korea in fields such as anthropology, Asian studies, dance, economics, history, language, linguistics, literature, music, political science, and sociology are regularly offered. With its dedicated faculty and staff, and its many Korea-related activities, the Center for Korean Studies offers a rich opportunity for those interested in the study of Korea.


Chizuko T. Allen

International Research and Fellowships Coordinator, School of Pacific and Asian Studies. Modern Korean intellectual history; ancient Korea's relations with Japan.

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Christopher J. Bae

Professor of Anthropology. East Asian prehistory; paleoanthropology; vertebrate taphonomy; behavioral ecology; quantitative analysis; modern human origins; origins of agriculture in Korea, Japan, and China.

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Tae-Ung Baik

Professor of Law. Director of Center for Korean Studies; Director, SJD Program; Chair-Rapporteur, UN Human Rights Council WGEID; International human rights law; human rights in Asia; comparative law; Korean law.

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Sang Yee Cheon

Associate Professor of Korean Language and Director, Korean Language Flagship Center. Korean linguistics; phonetics/phonology; second-language acquisition; teaching language and culture through film/media.

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Han-Byul Chung

Assistant Professor, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures. Syntax, Korean linguistics, Manchu, Syntax-semantics interface.

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Cheehyung Harrison Kim

Associate Professor of History. East Asia, Korea, North Korea, socialism, labor, industrialism, everyday life, urban life, transnationality, visuality.

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Karl E. Kim

Professor of Urban and Regional Planning. Korean film; Cheju tourism development; attitudes of U.S.-trained planners in Korea.

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Mary Shin Kim

Associate Professor of Korean Language. Discourse analysis; conversation analysis; Korean vocabulary acquisition; Korean language pedagogy.

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Min-Sun Kim

Professor of Communicology. Role of cognition in conversational styles among people of different cultural orientations.

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Yung-Hee Kim

Professor of Korean Literature. Modern Korean literature; modern Korean Women writers and fiction; Korean literature and culture.

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David Krolikoski

Assistant Professor of Korean Language and Linguistics. Modern Korean poetry; translation studies; poetics; postcolonial theory; transnational literature.

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Byong Won Lee

Professor of Ethnomusicology. Korean music.

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Hye-ryeon Lee

Professor of Communicology. Health promotion among Korean Americans; health communication; intercultural communication.

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Sang-Hyop Lee

Professor of Economics. Korea's labor market; aging population; education investment; human resources; labor economics; population economics; economic development.

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Yean Ju Lee

Associate Professor of Sociology. Aging, gender stratification, and family issues in East Asia.

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William O'Grady

Professor of Linguistics. Korean linguistics (syntax, language acquisition).

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Thomas A. Osborne

Professor of Music. Composition; music theory; Korean instruments, music, and poetry.

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Hyoung-June Park

Associate Professor of Architecture. Morphological transformation; digital design.

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Mee-Jeong Park

Associate Professor of Korean Language. Instructional technology; K-ToBl; Korean boundary tones; Korean sentence-ending suffixes.

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Young-a Park

Associate Professor of Asian Studies. Social movements; film industry; North Korean refugees.

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Ghon Rhee

Professor of International Finance and Banking. Corporate finance; market microstructure; investment; financial market policy in the areas of development of the corporate, government, and municipal bond markets; pension systems; regional financial markets integration.

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Anderson Sutton

Assistant vice chancellor for international and exchange programs. Korean contemporary musical practice and issues of identity; fusion aesthetics; mass media.

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Donald R. Womack

Professor of Music. Music composition and theory; Korean instruments and music.

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Myungji Yang

Associate Professor of Political Science. Comparative politics; Korean politics; development and democracy; class formation.

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Associate Members

Sun-Ki Chai

Professor of Sociology. Korean culture and patterns of economic development; Korean collective identity and mobilization; social theory; culture and rationality; development and social change in East Asia; race and ethnicity; formal modeling and simulation.

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Erica Soonyoung Chang

Head librarian, Cataloging Department, Thomas H. Hamilton Library.




 Sumi Chang

Instructor, Korean Language Flagship Program. Korean sociolinguistics; pedagogy; second language acquisition.

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Andre Haag

Assistant Professor of Japanese Literature. Narratives of empire, nation, and colony (Korea) in modern Japanese literature (Meiji-Taishō-Shōwa); Korean anticolonial resistance in Japanese popular colonial discourse and visual culture.

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Seunghye Hong

Associate Professor, Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work. Health/mental health; social determinants of health/mental health; neighborhood contexts; immigration; community practice; multicultural practices with diverse populations; research methods.

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Ji Young Kim

Associate Professor, School of Communications. Strategic communications in international and national contexts.

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Hye Seung Lee

Instructor, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures. Korean linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Discourse analysis, Korean pedagogy.

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Community Associate Members

Karl Moskowitz

Associate Member. History; social and economic development.

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Duk Hee Murabayashi

Associate Member. President, Korean Immigration Research Institute in Hawaii; Sociology; urban and regional planning.

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Retired Members


Minja Kim Choe

Senior Fellow, East-West Center, and Affiliate Graduate Faculty, UHM Population Studies. Family and gender issues; health behavior of adolescents and young adults; fertility and reproductive health; child survival; statistical analysis of demographic process.

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Yong-ho Ch'oe 

Professor of History. Educational history of Korea; Koreans in Hawai'i.



Hugh H.W. Kang

Professor of History. Late Silla-Early Koryŏ; comparative history of Korea, Japan, and China.




Joung-Im Kim

Associate Professor of Communication. Development/international communications; health communication in developing countries; social network analysis; diffusion of innovations.


 Hagen Koo

Professor of Sociology. Contemporary Korean society and culture; globalization and social inequality; comparative East Asian institutions.

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Frederick Lau

Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology. Chinese music; music and politics; musical change; nationalism, identity, and diaspora; avant-garde music.

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Chung Hoon Lee

Professor of Economics. Role of the state and market in Asian economic development.

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Dong Jae Lee

Associate Professor of Korean Language. Korean language teaching; general linguistics; languages in contact; sociolinguistics; Korean linguistics.




Andrew Mason

Professor of Economics and Senior Fellow, East-West Center. Population economics; macroeconomics; economic growth; intergenerational transfers.

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Gary Yong Gi Pak

Professor of English. Korean-American/Asian-American/Ethnic American literatures; contemporary Korean cinema; contemporary Korean culture; Korean literature in translation;Korean immigrant history in Hawaii.

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Edward J. Shultz

Professor of Asian Studies. Koryŏ history with a special interest in social, institutional, and political history; Korean history in general.




Ho-min Sohn

Professor of Korean Language. Korean linguistics and sociolinguistics; Korean language pedagogy; general and Oceanic linguistics.

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Judy Van Zile

Professor of Dance. Traditional and contemporary Korean dance; issues relating to identity and change; dance iconography; movement analysis.

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