News: CKS Received a Gift of $493,711 from the Bong Youn Choy Family Trust

Bong Youn Choy
Bong Youn Choy


David Choy and Cora Snow
David Choy & Cora Snow

The Center for Korean Studies has received a gift of $493,711 from The Bong Youn Choy Family Trust.

Late Bong Youn Choy, born on May 25, 1914 in Korea, was a professor of political science in Korea, Seattle, Washington, and University of California at Berkeley. He was an accomplished author of four Korean history books including "Korea A History" and "Koreans in America."

He came to America to study on April 29, 1938. Many of Dr. Choy's efforts were aimed towards the unification of Korea. Dr. Choy retired in 1976 and continued to guest lecture at various colleges until he passed away on April 15, 2005. Dr. Bong Youn Choy had established the “B.Y. Choy Endowment Fund” at the Center for Korean Studies in 1993. His son David Choy, Daughter-in-law and wife of David Choy, Linda Lenox, and daughter Cora Snow worked together to complete a half million dollar endowment for the Korean studies at Center for Korean Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

The Center will have a proper acknowledgement ceremony next year with the Choy's family when they can travel to Hawaii after the pandemic situation is loosened.


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