School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST)

SOEST is one of the nation’s premier academic institutions for ocean- and earth- related research, which is administered through Board of Regents-approved research Institutes, Centers, Laboratories, and Programs, and through the academic departments. SOEST faculty and staff conduct research in a broad disciplinary range, often transcending the boundaries between units and between fields of study.

SOEST is an international leader in such diverse fields as alternative energy, tropical meteorology, coral reef ecosystems, volcanology, microbial oceanography, seafloor processes, hyperspectral remote sensing, cosmochemistry, coastal processes, and climate modeling, among other research areas.

At any one time, several hundred research projects worldwide involve SOEST researchers, either as the primary investigators or in collaboration with scientists at other institutions. All SOEST faculty conduct research and participate in the teaching mission of the school, although members of the research institutes, centers, laboratories, and programs have primarily a research focus and members of the academic departments split their time more evenly between research and teaching activities.

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