Research and Scholarship Update

Research and Scholarship Update: Accessing Ka Huli Ao Scholarship

By Susan Serrano, Associate Director

Ka Huli Ao has committed to producing unique scholarship that advances Native Hawaiian law, facilitates legal learning, and impacts the Native Hawaiian community. Our scholarship seeks to incorporate history, culture, and present-day context to advance social justice for Native Hawaiians, Pacific and Indigenous Peoples, and all peoples. Collectively, Ka Huli Ao faculty members have published over seventy-five articles, essays, books, book chapters, reports, and primers.

Ka Huli Ao is in the process of updating and expanding our website. Please visit for updates on our research and scholarship. We are working to categorize and provide links to Ka Huli Ao faculty publications, including full pieces by Melody Kapilialoha MacKenzie, D. Kapuaʻala Sproat, Susan Serrano, Avis Poai, Kamana Beamer, and Malia Akutagawa. There, you can also learn more about Native Hawaiian Law: A Treatise; ʻOhia, Ka Huli Ao’s periodic publication; and our legal primers on laws governing ʻiwi kupuna (ancestral bones), traditional and customary rights, water, and quiet title.