Events (2020)

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Fall 2020 CJS Webinars

Oct. 14 (Wed.) / 12 noon – 1:30pm HST / “Situating Gender and Law in Japanese Legal Education: Preliminary exploration and comments,” by Mark Levin, Professor of Law, William S. Richardson School of Law, UH Mānoa / Recording available on CJS’ YouTube channel here.

Oct. 28 (Wed.) / 12 noon – 1:30pm HST / “Why It Matters: The long-term impact of the protest cycle of the late 1960s-early 1970s on Japanese society today,” by Dr. Patricia Steinhoff, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, UH Mānoa / Recording here.

Nov. 18 (Wed.) / 12 noon – 1:30pm HST / “Schoolgirl Spotting in Early-Twentieth Century Japanese Fiction: Re-reading Mushakōji Saneatsu’s Omedetaki hito,” by Francesca Pizarro, Ph.D. candidate, East Asian Languages and Literatures, UH Mānoa / Recording here.

Fall 2020 Other events

Sept. 9 (Wed.) / 5:00pm / CJS Graduate Student Mixer/ via Zoom meeting

Summer 2020 Co-sponsorships

July 1 (Wed.) / 11:00am-12:00pm/ Virtual Public Seminar sponsored by the East-West Center: “Japanese Politics and Foreign Policy Amid COVID-19 and Beyond,” by Dr. Kristi Govella (Assistant Professor, UHM Asian Studies Program) and Dr. Crystal Pryor (Director at Pacific Forum) / Replay link here.

Spring 2020 CJS Seminars

CJS seminars are held in the Tokioka Room (Moore Hall 319) unless otherwise noted. 

Jan. 24 (Fri.) / 12:00-1:30pm / “Localizing Collectivism: Do-It-Yourself DNA in Modern and Contemporary Art in Japan“, by Dr. Reiko Tomii, Art Historian (Video recording available on the John Young Museum of Art and University Galleries’ YouTube channel)

Feb. 11 (Tues.) / 12:00-1:30pm / CJS Professional Development: Social Media for Academics in Japanese Studies, from Joan Pan (CJS Graduate Assistant and PhD candidate in Geography and Environment)

Feb. 20 (Thurs.) / 1:30-2:45pm / “Spirit of Way of Tea,” by Dr. Genshitsu SEN, 15th generation Grand Tea Master / Location: Center for Korean Studies Auditorium

Feb. 26 (Wed.) / 12:00-1:30pm / “Traditional Sino-Japanese Art as a Source of Modern American Architecture,” by Dr. Kevin Nute, Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture, UHM

Mar. 3 (Tues.) / 12:00-1:30pm / “War Crimes Trials in Japanese Literature: The Question of Korean Representation on the War Criminal Docket,” Dr. Younglong Kim, UHM visiting scholar

**Postponed** April 2 (Thurs.) / 12:00-1:30pm / “Situating Gender and Law in Japanese Legal Education: Preliminary exploration and comments,” Professor Mark Levin (UH William S. Richardson School of Law)

Spring 2020 Co-sponsorships and Other Events

Jan. 15 (Wed.) / 5:00-6:30pm / Public lecture co-sponsored with the Consulate General of Japan in Honolulu and the East-West Center: “The Role of the Japan-U.S. Alliance in the Face of U.S.-China Strategic Rivalry,” by Yoichi Kato, Senior research fellow at the Asia Pacific Initiative (API) / Hawaii Imin International Conference Center, Koi Room (Garden Level)

Jan. 22 (Wed.) / 5:00-6:30pm / CJS Grad Student Networking Event / Moore Hall 319 (Tokioka Room)

Jan. 24 (Fri.) / 3:00-5:00pm / Public lecture co-sponsored with UHM Dept. of Sociology: “Citizen Science and Politics of Environmental Knowledge – How can citizen science—research by people who are not professional scientists— advance goals of environmental justice and social transformation?,” by Dr. Aya Kimura, Professor of Sociology at UHM / Saunders Hall 244

Jan. 26 (Sun.) / UH Tea Club Hatsugama / By invitation only

Feb. 25 (Tues.) / 12:00 – 1:30pm / Public lecture by Dr. Paula Harrell: “Facing History, Looking to the Future: Chances from China-Japan Détente as China takes the lead in Asia,” co-sponsored with the Asian Studies Program / Tokioka Room

Feb. 25 (Tues.) / 5:00-6:30pm / Public lecture by Dr. Bonnie Wade: “Japanese composing for traditional instruments in the modern era,” co-sponsored with UHM Music Dept. / Tokioka Room

**Postponed** April 7-9 / 2020 SPAS Graduate Student Conference / Details to be announced later; refer to the 2019 webpage here.