Student News

A Field Trip to HoMA with Dr. Pier Carlo Tommasi

CJS Director Mark Levin and former CJS Director Robert Huey joined Dr. Pier Carlo-Tommassi and his JPN 613 students for a special field trip to the Honolulu Museum of Art. 

The Maiden Benten and the Bandits of the White Waves

The popular Kabuki play, The Maiden Benten and the Bandits of the White Waves, commonly known as Benten Kozō, will be at the UH Mānoa Kennedy Theatre from April 19-20 & April 26-28, 2024. This production celebrates the long tradition of kabuki in Hawaiʻi, and marks 100 years of English-language kabuki productions at UH as well as Kennedy Theatre’s 60th birthday. It is made possible in large part by our very own CJS Faculty and Professor of Theatre, Dr. Julie Iezzi, who has worked tirelessly to bring this production to life.

Lunch Mixer and a Walkthrough of the Kabuki in Hawaiʻi Exhibit

On Friday, March 15, 2024, CJS held a lunch mixer at the Tokioka Room for graduate students, faculty, and staff. Attendees were in for a special treat after lunch: Dr. Julie Iezzi, Professor of Theatre and CJS faculty member, and her student, Jane Traynor, Ph.D. candidate in Asian Theatre, led everyone to the East-West Center Gallery where they gave a special tour of the Kabuki in Hawai‘i: Connections through Time and Space exhibition. We highly recommend you go see it!