EALL Professor Pier Carlo Tommasi and students tour the Lane Collection at HoMA on March 31, 2023

Last month, UHM CJS faculty Pier Carlo Tommasi (East Asian Languages and Literatures) organized a field trip for his “JPN 461: Introduction to Classical Japanese” and “JPN 641: Traditional Literary Theory” classes to tour the Honolulu Museum of Art’s (HoMA) Lane Collection vault. They were guided by HoMA Research Associate Kiyoe Minami in viewing the collection of Japanese woodblock prints and manuscripts published during the Edo period.

In an interview with UH News, Tommasi said, “Activities like this are important for undergraduate students to better understand what it means to do archival research. They also make the learning process much more effective and enjoyable.” On the tour experience, student Sarah Domingo remarked, “What was most impactful and meaningful for me was being able to see the book, published in 1805, in person that I had researched online about last semester, as it has brought my studies to life.”

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The following photos are provided by Professor Tommasi.

Museum curator points to Ōtsu-e pictures.

Stephen Salel, Curator of Japanese Art, explains the history and aesthetics of Ōtsu-e prints.