Dr. Sen’s July 2022 visit to Honolulu

Wooden tea house overlooking a green garden with trees and rocks. There are a couple people standing outside of the structure.

CJS Director Mark Levin and Dr. Sen in suits and smiling at the camera. Self-taken shot of the upper body.

It is a delight to welcome back Dr. Genshitsu SEN (Sōshitsu XV), UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and retired hereditary leader of the Urasenke Tradition of Chanoyu. Dr. Sen is leading a group from Japan for the 50th Hawaiʻi Summer Seminar from July 15 to July 21, featuring lectures and chakai at UHMʻs Jakuan tea house and other locations in Honolulu. CJS Director Professor Mark A. Levin attended the July 17th dinner reception in Waikiki hosted by Dr. Sen, where Dr. Sen welcomed guests, speaking eloquently on Japanese tea ceremony.