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What’s Happening at JABSOM

What’s Happening – Department of Pediatrics

Dr. Kara Wong Ramsey mentored a college student and future physician researcher in doing an equity-focused research project in the NICU during the SSRP Summer Research Project. The researchers found ethnic disparities in human milk use both early in the NICU stay and at the time of discharge.

Dr. Maya Maxym is in the early stages of a Quality Improvement project with pediatric residents, attending physicians, and nurses to identify the most effective components of an anti-racism curriculum that, she hopes, will ultimately become part of required education for trainees.

JABSOM News & Features

Fevers, Feuds, and Diamonds
Ebola and the Ravages of History

Paul Farmer, MD, PhD
2022 Humanism,Empathy, Social Justice and Global Health Symposium

Indigenous Healing and Resistance in an Era of Climate Change Crisis
Kalama Niheu
2022 Humanism,Empathy, Social Justice and Global Health Symposium

Trauma Informed Care for Patients Experiencing Homelessness
Sheryl Recinos, MD
2022 Humanism,Empathy, Social Justice and Global Health Symposium

JABSOM Journeys – Our Paths to Medical School – Sharing stories of current students at the John A. Burns School of Medicine, illuminating their pre-medical journeys and the diversity of their paths and experiences. We hope to reach individuals who are interested in pursuing medicine and help them navigate through the uncertainty of this process. 

Sept 2016 – JABSOM Diversity: Strong in first-generation college students, female faculty

National News & Features

March 2022 – AAMC – Getting the House in Order – The Health Equity Inventory: A New Way to Work Together for Community Health Equity

Sept 2021 – How white scholars are colonizing research on health disparities – STAT (

Apr 2021 – The invention of whiteness: the long history of a dangerous idea
Robert P Baird

Feb 2021 – Black Midwifery’s Complex History
Dominique Tobbell, PhD

Dec 2015 – Protecting the Ivory Tower: An Examination of How Whiteness is Understood and Enacted by Institutional Administrators (Dissertation)
David Flint Mcintosh

Podcast – Docs Talk Story Stories of the journeys of Hawaii’s own doctors (MD specialty resource for students)

Filipino American Ethnicity, Education and Diaspora in Hawaiʻi (includes inequality and racism articles) by Jonathan Okamura

LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Health Professions Learning Environments – Vital Voices Podcast by Josiah Macy Foundation

Jan 2022 – AAMC virtual seminar – Legacy of Medicine During the Holocaust and its Contemporary Relevance

Allegories on race and racism | Camara Jones | TEDxEmory | TED-Ed – Short 20 min background through 4 allegories that might be a useful adjunct to Hawaii-specific discussions and curricula development – “Home Sweet Home” a new series on NBC will follow two families who lead very different lives for a life-changing experience. These families will learn what it is like to walk a mile in another person’s shoes, challenging racial, religious, economic, geographic, gender and identity assumptions as they exchange homes for a week and experience the lives of those unlike them.

JABSOM research emphasizes the importance of disaggregating Asian American and NHPI data to ensure accuracy and facilitate culturally sensitive care

JABSOM Diversity-Strong in First-Generation College Students, Female Faculty

The John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) embraces diversity and inclusion as part of our shared Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific values. These shared values are responsive to our unique location in the center of the Pacific. We uphold that an environment of inclusiveness, equal opportunity and respect for the similarities and differences in our communities advances our mission of education, research and innovation, community service and clinical healing. JABSOM is committed to preparing a culturally competent health and science workforce that meets the needs of Hawaiʻi. Read more at UH Med Now.

Image of graduating females at JABSOM

It’s been a tough year but we are all in this together and together, we are JABSOM STRONG! This video was dreamed up by UHP’s Vina Cristobal and put together with footage by Cristobal and the JABSOM Media/Communications team. Special Mahalo to Elliott Koshi for lending your voice to this project.

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