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Dr. M. Puakea Nogelmeier’s teaching focus is on Hawaiian language, literature, and history. His research focuses on the repository of Hawaiian writings, published and unpublished.  This archive illuminates Hawaiian knowledge, historical literacy, agency, and worldviews. Rearticulating historical knowledge in the present highlights and empowers continuity and can inform directions of change. Access to these resources is facilitated by making them searchable and by reprinting and/or translating them. The training of translators and editors to develop historical resources for modern audiences has become an ongoing effort. He is active in community education, offering language classes for parents and staff in immersion schools and for those in the community. He is often invited to give public presentations on Hawaiian history, literature, and language. He is an accessible resource for agencies and individuals regarding language, culture and history.

Dr. Nogelmeier retired in 2018.

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