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Associate Professor, Kamakakūokalani

As an Associate Professor at Kamakakūokalani, Kekailoa Perry teaches courses on Western law in Hawaiʻi and the application of Hawaiian rights. As a Hawaiian studies undergraduate student in the late 80s, he learned to question, think critically, and analyze clearly. When he entered law school at Mānoa, he understood the limits of law, as well as the need to live up to laws, and to test them before changing them. While he has a particular cultural and activist viewpoint, he encourages students to form their own viewpoints. He believes students are the future and he wants to empower them. He has learned that taking an idea apart is not enough: “How do you rewrite it into something that’s good for us or find some value in it and rebuild the foundation? Critical analysis needs to be more than just breaking down. It has to include the rebuilding.”

Office phone: 808-956-0636

Office Fax: 808-973-0988

Office Location: KAMA 209DD


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