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The mission of Kawaihuelani is to revitalize the Hawaiian language and culture through quality Hawaiian education.

This is achieved through the creation and availability of faculty, resources, curricula, and materials that will promote the use of Hawaiian across the curriculum. Hawaiian is a viable and vibrant means of communication for a wide range of places and spaces, at UH Mānoa and in the community, including various forms of media and technology, such as the theater, radio, print, television, and internet.

Education and revitalization of Hawaiian language result in additional research and contributions to the Hawaiian knowledge base, thereby creating new ways of knowing and understanding the past, present, and future of the Native people of these islands. This knowledge will in turn create a new body of literature in the form of theses, dissertations, and other publications, which will emanate outward from the academy and make connections with and provide support for parallel efforts being made in the broader community. This mission is one that the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa would be proud to advance as a part of its overall purpose as a university because our mission “promotes distinctive pathways to excellence, differentially emphasizing instruction, research and service” (UH system strategic plan, p. 4).

I Pono Nā Mamo a Hāloa

Ma ka ʻōlelo mākia o Kawaihuelani- I Pono Nā Mamo a Hāloa, ho‘ākāka ‘ia ke kumu a ‘o ke kahua ho‘i o kā mākou mau hana e hana nei. Eia nō mākou ke ‘imi nei i ke alahele e mālama ai i nā mamo a Hāloa—‘o ka ‘āina, ‘o ke kanaka, ‘o ka mo‘olelo, a me ka ‘ōlelo. He mea nui ka mālama ʻana i nā mea a pau no ka pono o kākou a pau ma Hawai‘i nei, a ma o ka ho‘ōla ‘ana, ka ho‘ona‘auao ‘ana, a me ka ho‘omau ‘ana i ia mau hana e ola mau ai ka ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i.

The motto of Kawaihuelani Hawaiian Language Program- I Pono Nā Mamo a Hāloa, honors Hāloa as a common ancestor of the Hawaiian people, asserting a hope that the descendants of Hāloa will find balance again, and recognize our responsibility to ensure a righteous and successful future for these descendants, who are the Hawaiian people, as well as our history, our cultural practices, and our language.

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