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Ka Waihona A Ke Aloha Ka Papahana Hoʻoheno Mele is an interactive resource center for the promotion, preservation and perpetuation of mele and mele practitioners. The mākia (motto) for Ka Waihona A Ke Aloha is “Ho‘oheno ka puana i lohe ‘ia,” “Cherished is the refrain that has been heard,” or “Cherished is the refrain so let it be heard.” Both translations provide the understanding that Ka Waihona A Ke Aloha was established to preserve and care for the many wonderful pearls of mele “that have been heard,” and to further perpetuate them “so that it be heard.” Therefore, to increase accessibility to this knowledge, the preservation, perpetuation, and the dissemination of our peoples’ puana is the primary focus.

Ka Waihona A Ke Aloha recognizes the importance of mele and mele practitioners and values the information that is stored and preserved within their repertoire. The repertoire of a mele practitioner is a storehouse of knowledge, a library filled with important cultural knowledge and historic information therefore, the aspirations of Ka Waihona A Ke Aloha are two fold; first to provide venues to document, index and archive Mele Practitioners and their repertoire and second to provide access to this information for perpetuation, academic research and future presentation.

Here are the mini projects and events hosted by Ka Waihona A Ke Aloha:

E Mau Ai Ka Puana

After being in existence for a decade and being at the forefront of producing events that celebrate mele here at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Ka Waihona A Ke Aloha: Ka Papahana Hoʻoheno Mele, under the direction of Dr. R. Keawe Lopes Jr., produced its inaugural Monograph entitled E Mau Ai Ka Puana. This inaugural publication features articles, research papers, essays and poetic contributions from faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students of Kawaihuelani Center for Hawaiian Language. The hope for this monograph is to bring awareness to the importance of mele and encourage the celebration thereof while highlighting its significance across a variety of topics including: Niʻihau Hymnals, Theater, Story Telling, Kawaihuelani Graduate Student Research Topics and Mele Compositions by Hawaiian Language Majors.

Hoʻokani Mānoa

Ka Papa Mele Kauwela

Ke Welo Mau Nei

Lā Mele

Nā Mele o Hawaiʻi Nei

The Tuahine Troupe

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