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Ways you can help Hawaiʻinuiākea

Your gift helps support our Hawaiian Language and Hawaiian Studies undergraduate and graduate programs and ensures that our ‘ōpio, mākua, and kūpuna participate fully in educational programs.

Make an Online Gift

Please join us in supporting Hawai‘inuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge by making an online gift today. Your contribution will be made safely and quickly through UH Foundation.  We have 11 different funds that you can choose to support.  They are:

  • Hawaiʻinuiākea Enrichment
  • Hawaiian Youth Abroad
  • Hawaiʻinuiākea Community Engagement
  • Hawaiʻinuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge Student Aid Fund
  • I Ulu I Ke Kumu Award
  • Native Hawaiian Student Services Special Programs
  • The Institute of Hawaiian Language Research and Translation
  • Hawaiian Language Department Program
  • Hawaiian Studies Department Fund
  • Lo’i o Kanewai General Fund
  • Mele Institute teaching Hawaiian Language through Mele

Outright Gifts

An outright gift is one that has an immediate benefit to Hawaiʻinuiākea and its programs. Cash, real estate, securities, and other assets can be given outright. You may specify what you would like your gift to support, or, choose to designate your gift to the “Hawaiʻinuiākea Enrichment Fund” which supports the students, faculty and programs of Hawaiʻinuiākea.


Cash gifts are an excellent way of supporting Hawaʻinuiākea. Cash gifts include checks, drafts, and money orders. If your gift is mailed before the end of the calendar year and you itemize deductions for taxes, you’re eligible for an income tax deduction for that year.

Real Estate

Almost any marketable real estate may be contributed to Hawaʻinuiākea, provided the property is unencumbered. Real estate accepted outright by the University of Hawaiʻi Foundation is immediately sold so the proceeds can benefit Hawaʻinuiākea’s students, faculty, and programs.

A gift of real estate may entitle you to a charitable deduction of the full fair market value of the property. For gifts of long-term appreciated real estate the deduction limit is 30% of adjusted gross income with a five-year carry-over period for the excess. You can also bypass capital gains tax on the property.


You may donate stocks and bonds to Hawaʻinuiākea.

Long-term, appreciated securities are those you’ve owned for more than one year and have increased in value. Such a gift would entitle you to a federal income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the securities on the date of the gift, up to a maximum deduction of 30% of your adjusted gross income for the year if you itemize deductions.

Short-term securities are those you’ve held for less than one year. If you itemize, you will be entitled to a federal income tax deduction for only the purchase price of the securities.

Depreciated securities are those that have declined in value since you bought them. To gain maximum tax benefits from the gift, it is normally recommended that the donor sell these, take the tax loss, and donate the cash proceeds.


To make a gift of stock to the University of Hawaiʻi Foundation to benefit Hawaiʻinuiākea, please instruct your broker to transfer the stock to:

Merrill Lynch
Attn: Carolyn Lee
Pauahi Tower Penthouse
1001 Bishop Street
Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96813
DTC 5198
Account name: University of Hawaiʻi Foundation (Account #20M-04015)

In the instructions to Merrill Lynch, please have your broker provide the following:

• The name of the stock
• The number of shares being transferred
• Any special instructions for the use of the gift (program/unit, unrestricted gift, scholarship, etc.)

Please send a copy of these instructions to our Director of Development, Mark Fukeda, so that your gift can be properly credited and acknowledged. Mahalo!

Hawaiʻinuiākea Office of Development

The office is responsible for private fundraising efforts on behalf of the school and reports directly to the dean. It coordinates its fundraising activities with the University of Hawaiʻi Foundation.

The purpose of the Hawaiʻinuiākea development office is three-fold:

•Advance the school’s mission of teaching, research, and service by identifying, cultivating, and securing financial investments for the school

•Serve as a responsible steward of our relationships and resources

•Raise an ever-increasing amount of private support to strengthen the quality of the school, in accordance with needs articulated by the school’s academic leadership and during a time of diminishing public support.

For more information contact:

University of Hawai`i Foundation
Alice Holt Taum, Associate Director of Development
Hawaiʻinuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge
Phone: (808) 956-7988
Fax: (808) 956-4611
Cell: (808) 341-3088

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