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Hawaiʻinuiākea students have the option to pursue a major in Hawaiian Language and/or Hawaiian Studies with another major at another UHM school or college. This generally means that the student must plan for more time and more expenses towards the concurrent major completion.

A concurrent major is defined as a student earning and completing two undergraduate degrees from two different schools or colleges (e.g., BA HAW & BA History).

Caution: Individual schools or colleges may determine their concurrent major policies and academic relationships with one another.  As a result, not all UHM schools or colleges will approve a concurrent major with Hawaiʻinuiākea.  Some majors require more rigorous or higher requirements.

To become a concurent major at Hawaiʻinuiākea, a student must first:

  1. Earn 25 credits of successful coursework at UHM.
  2. Have a minimum overall 2.0 GPA.
  3. Declare a primary major before applying for a second major.
  4. Submit a written application for approval to concurrent major.  Access the application form here.
  5. For more information regarding earning a concurrent major at UHM, access the information here.

Approved concurrent majors must complete the following requirements:

  • All BA General Education requirements required by UHM.
  • All major requirements for Hawaiian Language and/or Hawaiian Studies.
  • All Hawaiʻinuiākea all-school requirements.
  • Maintain a mininum overall 3.0 GPA for Hawaiian Language and Hawaiian Studies courses.
  • All concurrent major requirements (consult the concurrent school or college for information).
  • No double counting/dipping of courses required for both concurrent majors.
  • Earn a grade of B- or better in all concurrent major classes required for the Hawaiian Language major.
  • Maintain a minimum overall 2.0 GPA as a concurrent major (consult with schools and colleges that require a higher GPA).
  • Apply for graduation and undergraduate degrees with all concurrent major requirements completed (see above).

Please see your Academic Advisor (from both schools or colleges) for applying for a concurrent major and developing a plan of study for meeting the specific requirements and agreements that need to be approved.

Click here to apply for concurrent majors in HAW & HWST.  Request an appointment now.

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