Stone, C. P. and D. B. Stone (eds.). 1988. CONSERVATION BIOLOGY IN HAWAII. Distributed by University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, Hawaii

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1. Book jacket, front and back

2. Title pages

3. Table of Contents

4.  Preface

5. Acknowledgements

6.  Explanatory Notes

7.  Featured Authors

8.  Hawaii's Uniqueness

9.  Hawaiian Ecosystems

10.  The Uniqueness of Hawaii's Biota

11.  The Volcanic Origin of the Hawaiian Islands

12.  Soils in Hawaii

13.  Vegetation Zones

14.  Ohia Dieback

15.  Plant Taxonomy in the Hawaiian Islands

16.  Rare Plants

17.  Botanic Gardens

18.  Non-native Plants

19.  Alien Plant Management

20.  Animal Life

21.  Native Invertebrates

22.  Non-native Invertebrates

23.  Non-native Vertebrates

24.  Native Birds

25.  Captive Propagation of Native Birds

26.  Communities and Species Diversity

27.  Biological Diversity and Its Loss

28.  Gene Pool Conservation

29.  Wetlands

30.  Problems, Planning and Protection

31.  Controlling the Flow of Non-native Species

32.  Tourism

33.  Biological Databases

34.  Vegetation Mapping

35.  Landuse Planning

36.  Protection of Natural Habitats

37.  Conservation Education

38.  Environmental Education in Hawaii

39.  History, Problems and Needs

40.  Techniques and Targets

41.  Teacher Needs

42.  The Public Media

43.  Values and Ethics

44.  Hawaiian Conservation Values

45.  Outdoor Ethics in America

46.  Humanity's Responsibility

47.  The Value of Conservation Education

48.  Glossary