Housing Staff

Our Vision
Our Residential Life staff aspires to provide student-centered living learning communities that will develop and enrich the experience of our diverse student population.

Our Mission
Grounded in our values, Residential Life will create compelling living environments that cultivate students’ holistic growth through the promotion of personal responsibility, academic achievement and community engagement.

Recognizing the worth of each resident, we will provide safe and inclusive communities and offer innovative programs and services that will support student success through a collaboration with residents, campus partners, and community stakeholders.

Our residential life staff is comprised of multiple full-time and student employees:

There is a Student Housing Services staff member on-call at all times. During business hours (Monday-Friday, 7:45am-4:30pm) residents needing assistance should go to their Community Desk or to the Central Residential Life Office in Johnson Hall “A.” After business hours and during weekends and holidays, there are student, professional, and counseling staff on call at all times.

The staff on-call can be reached by contacting the community desk during desk hours or by calling the staff on-call cell phone. A complete list of phone numbers can be found on our Contact Us page. All emergencies and policy violations should be brought to the attention of the staff on-call.

The staff on-call is responsible for conducting security checks of both the inside and outside of the facility, assisting the Community Desk Coordinators in the closing/opening of the community desk and securing the hall at closing. They are also responsible for responding to policy violations, lockouts of residents, any emergencies, and calling for additional support services when necessary.

These are full-time professional staff members who each oversee a number of halls and supervise the Residence Directors.

The Residence Director is a full-time, professional, live-in staff member. The RD is responsible for the overall day-to-day operation of a hall. The RD supervises the Resident Advisors and Community Desk, advises the halls’ Community Council, oversees educational programming, responds to and manages emergencies, and manages the judicial processes in their assigned community. Contact information for Residence Directors can found on our Contact Us page.

The Assistant Residence Director resides within the community and is responsible for assisting the Residence Director in the daily operation of that hall. The ARD is a graduate student with significant experience in Residence Life or a related field. He/she helps to supervise the Resident Advisors and community desk, may co-advise the Community Council, and aids the RD in overseeing educational programming, emergencies, and discipline.

The Resident Advisors reside within the community and are responsible for a group of residents. The RAs are the primary resource persons for their residents. The RAs can assist residents with Living Agreement forms and help to mediate roommate or community conflicts. They also provide the residents with fun and educational programs. The RAs assume on-call responsibilities, which include documenting incidents that occur, reporting building maintenance concerns, and responding to emergency situations.

Community Desk Coordinators work at the Community Desks. They serve as a resource for residents and provide various services to assist the residential community; such as mail and package distribution, spare key issuance, programming support, and recreational equipment check-out.

The ResNet Support Specialist provides support to ensure a working network connection. ResNet Support Specialists may also provide general computer support. They assist with activities relating to technology, consult residents on appropriate computer conduct and report violations to the Information Technology Specialist.

The Counselors-In-Residence (CIR) are graduate level interns within the Counseling and Student Development Center. They live in the residence halls and are available for crisis intervention. Counselors-In-Residence are also available for consultation, educational programs, and referral for personal counseling.