Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Housing Frequently Asked Questions

Housing Charges/Payments and your UH Student Account

Q: When I look at my University Student account on-line at MyUH, why is my housing payment $100 less than what I paid?
A: When your initial payment is made, $100 is put into a security deposit account. Unfortunately, this account cannot be seen on-line through the MyUH site. After you checkout and once all post-checkout damage charges have been posted, the deposit will be released into your University Student Account. Once released to your account, the payment will have the description "Man Housing Deposit," and will be applied to the balance of your University Student Account. Any remaining credit balance will be refunded to you.

Q: I paid my housing and meal costs. Why does my UH student account show that a payment is due?
A: If you have other UH charges (i.e. tuition, student activity fees, etc.) that are unpaid, the system will redirect your housing and/or meal plan payment and apply it to those other outstanding charges first. Therefore, though you intended to pay off your housing charges, your account may still show a balance due for housing charges if you had other UH charges that needed to be paid off first. Your initial $400 housing payment, however, will be immediately applied to housing charges only ($100 as a security deposit and $300 as rent).

Meal Program

Q: How do I change my meal plan?
A: Residents will have two opportunities (pre-hall opening and post-hall opening) to make changes to their meal plans. Once the semester has begun, residents will have the first two weeks of the semester to change meal plans. (Points from your initial plan will not be changed.) Meal plan changes may be made by contacting the Student Housing Services office and must be requested in writing.

Q: Will leftover retail points carry over to the next semester?
A: Unused retail points (those included with the meal plans) will be forfeited at the end of the academic year. Points added during the academic year will not expire except after one year of inactivity.

Q: Where can I use my meal plan?
A: Meal plans may be used at any Student Affairs Dining location on campus. This includes Campus Center Dining, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Ba-le, Simply To-Go, Stir Fresh, The Market, and at the Hale Aloha and Gateway House cafeterias.

What should I bring for my room?

See our list of items to bring on our Move-in page.


Q: What type of jobs are available on campus?
A: A variety of student assistant jobs are available within Student Housing Services (such as Community Desk Coordinator, Utility, and Grounds) throughout the year. Please see our Get Involved page.
For other on-campus student positions, see the Student Employment site or visit the Manoa Career Center in the Queen Liliuokalani Center for Student Services.

Lost Key

Q: Where do I go if I'm locked out?
A: You may go to your front desk during desk hours or call the Staff-On-Call after desk hours. View Desk and On-Call Numbers on our Contact Us page.

Rules and Regulations

Q: I was approached for allegedly violating a policy. What happens now?
A: Depending on the severity of the offense, you will receive a request to meet with a Residential Life staff member or a member of the Judicial Affairs Office to discuss the violation and incident. Depending on the type of violation, you may face disciplinary action. Failure to attend the meeting could result in disciplinary sanctions being imposed without your input. Learn more on our Conduct Process and Appeals page.

Security and Parking

Q: Is there parking on campus?
A: Yes, however automobile parking is limited to those with parking permits issued by Commuter Services. Mopeds and motorcycles may park in designated lots on-campus only if they are registered with Commuter Services and have a parking sticker for that designated lot. Learn more about Commuter Services...

Q: Is there an escort service for the halls?
A: Yes, call Campus Security Dispatch at 66911 and they will try to provide you an escort when you are walking on campus at night. Learn more about the Safety Escort Service...

Front Desk Services and Admin Info

Q: What is a Staff-On-Call?
A: At least one staff member is on duty in each residence hall after business hours, on weekends and during holidays. The On-Call staff member responds to policy violations, lock-outs and emergencies.

Q: Where is the Student Housing Office?
A: Student Housing Services is located in the south facing tower of Frear Hall, 2569 Dole Street.
Telephone: (808) 956-8177
Fax: (808) 956-5995

Q: What procedures do I have to follow to cancel my Housing Contract?
A: The Student Housing Services office must be notified in writing. Your notification must include your university student ID number, provide the effective date of your contract termination, and state the reason that you are terminating your contract. If you have already moved in, you must also notify your hall staff and schedule a formal check-out date and time. Contract cancellation penalties will apply.

Guests and Early Arrival/Late Departure

Q: Where can I stay if I arrive before or depart after the housing contract begins or ends?
A: A limited amount of spaces are available in our Conference Housing program for those needing accommodations during periods outside of their housing contract. Please visit our Conference Housing pages for more information.

Q: Are there on-campus accommodations for my parents or other visitors?
A: Yes. Conference housing provides on-campus accommodations for those needing temporary accommodations. Please visit our Conference Housing pages for additional information.


Q: I don't get along with my roommate, what do I do?
A: Contact your RA or CIR or any other hall staff member. They will be able to talk to you about the situation, offer you different options about what to do or assist in helping you communicate with your roommate(s). Mediation service is also available through the CIR's.
For more roommate information, please see our Living On Campus 101 page.


Q: Where can I do my laundry?
A: Each residence hall has card operated washers and dryers for your use. Locations vary depending upon the building.


Q: How do I receive my mail/packages?
A: Each residence hall is equipped with mailboxes. Mail is delivered Monday thru Saturday (except Johnson Hall which does not have mail delivery on the weekends). Packages must be picked up at the full-service front desk.

During Winter/Spring breaks

Q: Can I leave my belongings in my room over the Winter or Spring break?
A: Yes, however, it is recommended that items of value are taken with you if you will be leaving during the break periods.

Internet/Computing Access

Q: How can I connect to the Internet from my room?
A: All student rooms provide direct connections to the campus network through ResNet (residential network). Computers must have a functional Ethernet Network Card with an RJ45 port. Students will also need to provide their own Ethernet network cable (straight through Ethernet cable with RJ45 connectors).
All residence halls additionally have UHM WiFi access available for wireless devices to connect to. The apartments only have wired internet.
More information can be found on the ResNet webpage.

Land Line Phone Service

Q: How do I activate the phone line in my room? Can I make long-distance phone calls?
A: Phone lines are available upon request and require a one-time activation fee. The following rules apply:

  • There will be a fee of $19 per activation per academic year that will be charged to your student housing account.
  • No refunds or credit will be given once the activation request is submitted.
  • If you transfer to another room you will need to submit a new service request and a new payment of $19.
  • Phone numbers are assigned to the room and cannot be transferred between rooms.
  • Phone number will be tentative until activation, after which you will be contacted with the permanent number.
  • At the end of the academic year, phone service will automatically be terminated. If you wish to continue your service into the next academic year, please submit a new request at least 3 weeks prior to the end of the year.
  • These phone lines can dial local numbers only.
  • Phone unit is not provided.
  • Bring student ID when turning in completed form.

If you are interested in this service you may fill in a Student Housing Phone Service Request at the ResNet office during regular business hours (M-F 9AM-4PM excluding holidays).
Long-distance calls may be made by using a phone card.