Telephone Information

Phone lines are available upon request and require a one-time activation fee.  The following rules apply:

  • There will be a fee of $19 per activation per academic year that will be charged to your student housing account.
  • No refunds or credit will be given once the activation request is submitted.
  • If you transfer to another room you will need to submit a new service request and a new payment of $19.
  • Phone numbers are assigned to the room and cannot be transferred between rooms.
  • Phone number will be tentative until activation, after which you will be contacted with the permanent number.
  • At the end of the academic year, phone service will automatically be terminated.  If you wish to continue your service into the next academic year, please submit a new request at least 3 weeks prior to the end of the year.
  • These phone lines can dial local numbers only.
  • Phone unit is not provided.
  • Bring student ID when turning in completed form.

If you are interested in this service you may fill in a Student Housing Phone Service Request at the Resnet Computer Lab during regular office hours (M-F 9AM-5PM excluding holidays).

To place a call to a number in the University system, dial the last 5 digits of the number.

Example: to call 956-8177, dial 68177.

To place a call outside of the University system, dial 9 + number.


Long Distance Services
All phone lines in the residence hall are restricted for long distance service. Illegal charges (collect and third party) made to or received on any of the public or private telephones are considered Federal offenses. Residents will be responsible for all charges

Common Problems
I can make calls but I can’t receive calls.

  • Chances are call-forwarding has been turned on. Turn call-forwarding off by lifting the phone handset, and at the dial-tone pressing # then 1.

What do I do if my phone has no dial tone?

  • Make sure the phone is plugged in (and charged if it is a cordless).
  • Try using a different phone – the phone might be damaged and shorting out the circuit. If the problem is specific to a phone, replace the phone.
  • In the apartments, check all jacks and phones. Bedrooms share the same line as the living rooms. A problem in one room may affect the other lines.
  • If there is still no dial tone, contact the Campus Operator by dialing 0.

Report any problems to the campus operator by dialing “0”. The process may be completed at the community desk if the phone line is unusable in the room/apartment.
Provide the necessary information (name, room number, problem). Get a ticket number. Go to the community desk and complete a telephone repair form. Without the signed form, the technician may need to reschedule the repair and delay the phone service.
After business hours, call 956-5000.

Release of Telephone Numbers
For security reasons, the Student Housing Services staff will not release student room or phone numbers for non-University business. Residents are responsible to give out this information.