Parking is available upon request for an additional charge of $5.00 per day per vehicle (Zone 20) or an additional charge of $25.00 per day per vehicle (Zone 8 – only available during summer). Arrangements for parking must be made in writing through the conference office at least 18 business days prior to requested date(s). Passes requested prior to guest arrival will be available at guest check-in.

Passes are valid in approved zones only and must be displayed at all times. Guests who violate parking terms will be subject to citation by the Commuter Services office.

View the Map of Parking Zones

Wireless Internet

Wireless internet access is available for all visitors. Guests who have a UH email address may automatically connect with their account. Individuals and groups that do not have a UH email may request access by providing an email address that may be used as the username for everyone in the group. Wireless access must be requested in advance.

Meeting Spaces

At this time, common and meeting spaces are not available for use.

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms are available in all Conference buildings and are shared with Residents during the Academic Year. A laundry card may be purchased in the lobby. Please note that the card machine takes only 5, 10, and 20 dollar bills.