About Us

The University of Hawaii at Manoa recognizes and emphasizes residential life as an important component of the total higher education experience.

The University's central Pacific location attracts people of various cultures, interests and experiences. The group living experience provides individuals with opportunities to meet a variety of people and to interact with them as members of a harmonious community.

The basic objective of student housing is to provide an environment that is conducive to the academic mission of the University. Residents are offered many opportunities to participate in numerous academic and social programs and activities presented by a variety of organizations.student housing group

The University housing program strives to create an atmosphere conducive to the development of responsible citizens in a democratic community. Residents are expected to respect and take care of the facilities and equipment rented to them, conduct themselves within accepted standards of good taste and accept individual responsibility for their actions. Consideration for others is the basic principle that all residents must follow.

Specific rules and regulations intended to protect the rights of individuals have been developed by the University administration, residential staff and student leaders. Each resident is responsible for knowing and observing these rules and regulations. Residents who cannot accept these basic rules for community living or cannot extend consideration for the rights of other residents should evaluate their needs carefully before applying for this type of housing. Contract releases are not granted for reasons of dissatisfaction with the group living environment.