Steps to Getting Your Degree in History

STEP 1: Complete the A&H/LLL “Declaration of Major” form.

Forms are available online or from QLC113 or the History Office, SAK A203. This form should be reviewed by one of our staff, listed in Step 2 below. Please schedule an appointment accordingly. Note: If you indicated “History” as your intended major on your application form to UH Mānoa, you may already have an official designation as a History major and can proceed directly to Step 2 without this form. Confirm your major status by logging into STAR.

STEP 2: Meet with one of our staff.

In this meeting, you will choose your area of focus and review major requirements. This step is required for ALL History majors. Please meet with one of the following staff:

Prof. Kieko Matteson
Undergraduate Coordinator
Book an appointment:

Julie Motooka
Instructional & Student Support Specialist
Telephone: (808) 956-8486

STEP 3: Fulfill your requirements.

You must complete all general requirements and major requirements. Download a sample plan. Major requirements include eleven (11) courses (33 credit hours) in history with a grade of C or better (does not include C-).

History major requirements:

  • Minimum of five courses in one of the following four fields: United States/Americas, Asia/Pacific, Europe, Comparative/World.
  • Minimum of one upper-division course (300- or 400-level) in each of the three other fields.
  • HIST 396 (prerequisite: any 300- or 400-level HIST course) and HIST 496 (prerequisite: 396 and any 400-level HIST course)
  • One additional history course from any of the four fields.

Note: no more than two 200-level courses may be used toward the History major. 200-level courses can only be used in the student’s main field, or as the “one additional history course.” 100-level courses do not count toward completing the major.

STEP 4: Complete a MANDATORY online grad session.

You must complete the Online GRAD provided by The Advising Center for the Colleges of Arts & Humanities and Languages, Linguistics & Literature at least 2 semesters before you intend to graduate. This online session will instruct you to fill out a Goldenrod Form and have it signed by the History Undergraduate Coordinator. Goldenrod Forms can be obtained from the Undergraduate Coordinator or from the History Office, SAK A203.