If you…

  • live in Hawaii,
  • are a middle or high school or a university undergraduate student,
  • are interested in studying and/or conducting research in one of the key projects (see “Key Projects” menu) or studying and developing your own idea related to Earth Sciences and/or space exploration,
  • and want to pursue an advanced degree (“Master of Science” (MS) or “Doctor of Philosophy” (PhD) or “Doctor of Sciences” (DSc)) or just motivated to contribute to our society in one or more of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields,

…then, please contact Dr. Dilmurat Azimov (azimov@hawaii.edu or 808-965-2863) to get involved.

Our project is unique in the sense that our team:

  • will work with you,
  • will place you on a right pathway based on your own interests;
  • accepts your new ideas by making them feasible and workable, thereby developing them to the level of a key project,
  • provides a continuous and one-to-one guidance and mentorship from your acceptance in the project until you achieve your advanced degree, and beyond,
    – exposes you to NASA and establishes communications with NASA experts,
    – provides support of your efforts all the way from your school to your advanced degree.

So be inspired, motivated, have ideas, and get involved in HESTEMP project!