First Annual HESTEMP Conference

May 6, 2017 at the University of Hawaiʻi – Mānoa

  • Introduction (PDF)
  • Agenda (PDF)
  • Flyer (PDF)


Session 1 Topics

  • Atmospheric Aerosol Studies (PDF)
  • UAV Dynamic Models and Equations (PDF)
  • Autonomous Control Framework with Real-Time Target-Relative Guidance for Unmanned Aerial Systems (PDF)
  • Instantaneous Screw Axis (PDF)


Session 2 Topics

  • Dynamical Model and Equations for Mars Lander (PDF)
  • Direct-Entry Trajectory Analysis using Backward Propagation (PDF)
  • Optimization of Trajectory Envelopes
  • Autonomous and Integrated Guidance, Navigation and Control System for Fuel-optimal Atmospheric Entry, Descent and Landing Maneuver (PDF)
  • Small Satellite Automation (PDF)
  • Small Satellite Simulation Project
  • Attitude Determination and Control (PDF)
  • 3-Body Problem (PDF)


  • Changes caused by Specific Impulse Thrust and Mass Flow Rate (PDF)
  • Comparative Thrust Analysis of Small Satellite Orbital Maneuvers (PDF)
  • Comparative Trajectories and Investigation Into Optimal ΔV (PDF)
  • Water on Mars (PDF)



Misti Moore
  Terry Pagaduan
  H. Ronald Riggs
Interim Dean, UH College of Engineering
Will Espero
State Senator
  Jim Crisafulli
Aerospace Technology Committee